Conservative Heartland Institute “Accuses” Pope of Paganism

Conservative Heartland Institute “Accuses” Pope of Paganism

The problem for conservatives is not that the Pope made room for Paganism in the Church, but that he refuses…

8 years ago

The Tea Party’s ‘My Way or the Highway’ Candidate Strategy is Pure Old School

In the current political climate, the only compromising from the Tea Party is the highly transparent dive to the middle…

10 years ago

McCain Says He Will Write Op-ed for Pravda – Pravda Says, Say What?

The Communist Party responded by calling McCain a russophobe and a rapacious hawk and Pravda said "OK" as long as…

10 years ago

Bryan Fischer Says Sikh Temple Shooter a Liberal Because He’s a Nazi

Fischer claims the the neo-Nazi Sikh temple shooter was a liberal because he was a Nazi but a glance at…

11 years ago

Socialist Republican Pundits: They Exist!

Funny thing about Republican/conservative pundits who tout: Socialism is bad or Pick yourself from your bootstraps, many pf them in…

11 years ago

Elizabeth Warren a Communist Because She Supports Everything Conservatives Hate

Hate group president Brian Carmenker says that Elizabeth Warren is a communist because she supports everything conservatives hate

12 years ago