Two-Thirds Of Voters Demand Tougher Gun Laws After GOP Pretends Vegas Shooting Never Happened

Republicans may continue to live in their NRA-funded bubbles, but it's clear the American people – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – are still hungry for tougher gun laws. 

California Passes Bill Urging Congress To Censure Trump For ‘Racist’ Charlottesville Response

"The leader of the free world can’t continue to use language that legitimizes the actions of extremists groups that promote hate."

Key GOP Congressman Announces Retirement, Citing ‘Disorder And Chaos’ In The Trump Era

Dent's retirement is just the latest in a slew of moderate Republicans who are calling it quits as Washington spirals out of control with Trump at the helm.

GOP At War With Trump As He Attempts To Use Veterans As Props In Debt Ceiling Vote

While the president complains that members of Congress are turning the debt ceiling debate into "a mess," it is his irresponsible tweets that are turning the simple vote into a political game.

Republicans Are Finally Starting To Panic Over Trump’s Dangerous Incompetence

Six months into the Trump administration, the GOP tune is changing as the president's incompetence, corruption, and unfitness has thrown the entire Republican agenda into a dumpster and set it ablaze.

Desperate GOP Calls Emergency Meeting To Revive Trumpcare And Kick Millions Off Insurance

The president and his GOP allies in Congress just can't accept the fact that America isn't buying what they're selling.

Rachel Maddow Credits Huge Victory On Health Care To Persistent Grassroots Activism


"These protests have been relentless," Maddow said. "They've had a huge victory just tonight."

Joy Reid Smacks GOP With The Ultimate Reality Check On New ‘Repeal And Delay’ Plan

Joy Reid

On almost every level, the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be harder if they did it without a replacement plan.

Pro-Obamacare Protesters Storm D.C. Airport As GOP Senators Leave Town


The spontaneous demonstrations by pro-ACA activists shows how politically toxic this issue has become for Republicans as they prepare to dismantle Obamacare.

GOP Approval Takes Double-Digit Nosedive After Trump, Republicans Accomplish Nothing In 100 Days

Republican replacement obamacare

As the GOP-controlled government continues to wage war on middle-class Americans, this number will likely get worse.

Attacking Syria Was the Gateway Sexual Activity Republicans Usually Warn You About

As you can see from the polling, conservatives, far from reacting with outrage, have instead laid back and lit up in the post-coital afterglow

Nancy Pelosi Demands Congressional Action To Stop Trigger-Happy Trump From Blowing Up The World

With Trump in charge of America's nuclear arsenal – like a toddler playing with a loaded firearm – Congressional oversight is a necessity.

Bernie Sanders Gives Democrats Two Keys To Resisting Trump And Winning Back Congress

Democrats will win elections when they go to all parts of the country and explain that their policies are better for average Americans.

The Ink On Trumpcare 2.0 Isn’t Even Dry And It’s Already Dead In The Water

Not only is the latest version of Trumpcare already doomed to fail, but it's guaranteed to drag Republicans down with it.

Steve King Says GOP Colleagues Have Been “Patting Me On The Back” Since His Racist Comment

This is the Republican Party under Donald Trump, and 2018 can't come soon enough.

Fox News’s Own Poll Shows That Trump Is Failing As President

Donald Trump

As Trump doubles down on defending a disastrous heath care bill, all while peddling paranoid conspiracy theories and covering up his connections to Russia, these numbers aren't likely to improve anytime soon.

GOP Setting Itself Up For Midterm Bloodbath As Trumpcare Hurts The Most Reliable Voters


Trumpcare is political suicide for the president and his Republican colleagues in Congress.

GOP Panicking As Majority Of Voters In Key 2018 States Are Unhappy With Trump

Donald Trump

In record time, most voters are seeing that Trump is just a con artist who cares nothing about making life better for average Americans.