Paul Ryan Throws Trump-Like Tantrum Over The CBO’s New Score Of GOP Health Plan

Paul Ryan Trumpcare

The Speaker said more Americans will be without insurance because it's what they want, not because the GOP health care plan is bad.

Trusted Trump Advisor Demands Federal Workers Who Voted For Clinton Be Fired

"Those bureaucrats overwhelmingly voted for Clinton. There won’t be any real cooperation until we change federal law so we can fire them.”

GOP Prohibits CBO From Reporting How Much ACA Repeal Blows Up the Deficit

The new Republican rule implicitly instructs the CBO not to say how much it will cost taxpayers to repeal Obamacare, because it is frightening.

Koch-Republicans Remember Soldiers’ Sacrifice With A Veterans Healthcare Coupon Scam

The privatization scam amounts to a yearly-issued, and set amount, coupon to purchase healthcare services at a private hospital or doctor's office, or use as a discount card to purchase a private insurance policy.

Republicans Use TPP Trade Deal To Slash Medicare

Republicans in the Senate have discovered yet another means of cutting Medicare to add insult to injury from the already damage-ridden Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement that benefits no-one but the big corporations who wrote the ill-advised proposal.

John Boehner To Hold Tax Repeal Vote To Increase Welfare For the Rich

Speaker of the House John Boehner will hold a vote to repeal the "Estate Tax" and give the very richest of the rich another government handout at the expense of the rest of the population.

Real Economist Paul Krugman Calls Republican Budget A Trillion Dollar Con Job

Republicans only know one approach to economic policy; the abject failure and scam known as trickle down with a healthy dose of Draconian austerity. Those features epitomize the most recent budget proposal Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman officially and accurately labeled as a "trillion dollar con job."

Koch-Funded Professor Publicly Calls For Less Democracy

A university professor heavily funded by the Koch brothers has very publicly and openly called for less democracy to reduce the power of the majority.

Push to boost defense spending puts GOP in budget bind

Pressing Pentagon demands in a time of terror threats and Islamic State militants have put newly empowered congressional Republicans in a bind.

Republicans’ Rule A Death Sentence For 9 Million Disabled Americans

Republicans have shifted their focus slightly away from just killing Americans' jobs to killing disabled Americans; nearly nine million disabled Americans.

Pelosi Tells Republicans To Stop Playing Games with the Safety of the American People

Pelosi pointed out the obvious to delusional Republicans: It's time to get back to work and stop playing games.

Thieving Republicans Robbed Americans In Their First Week Controlling Congress

It is amazing that Republicans who could not pass any legislation last year, spent the first four days of the 114th Congress stealing from women, retired and disabled Americas, large corporations' employees, and various government departments and the Executive Branch.

GOP’s First Step To Inflict Kansas Economic Woes On America

There is nothing as evil, mean-spirited, and pathetic as a mature adult who sees firsthand that something is inherently dangerous to other human beings and should be prevented at all costs, and yet wishes they could do the same thing. read more

The First Act Of The Koch Congress Is A Vicious Attack On Social Security

On the evening before officially taking control of Congress, Republicans launched a Koch-Wall Street attack on Social Security as a first step in another Republican-created crisis; this time to hasten privatizing Social Security for the Kochs and Wall Street.

Republicans Plan Another Bush Trickle Down Assault In 2015

Some Republicans are beginning to express little hope that the President will go along with the scam and may eschew raising taxes on the poor, for now, and instead set their sights on slashing corporate taxes.

Paul Ryan Plans A CBO Rubber Stamp For Trickle Down Disaster

Paul Ryan is quietly working behind the scenes to make sure the next head of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Congress's objective eye in all matters concerning fiscal policy, is an ardent proponent of the Koch's Americans for Prosperity economic agenda.

Latest Obamacare Scandal is Just More Republican Hypocrisy and Lies

Media Matters went to the trouble of exposing the GOP's latest Obamacare scandal on Thursday, three days before CNN made a big deal bout it

Republicans Are Unhinged and Terrified of Good Economic Reports

Despite their Herculean efforts to bankrupt America though, another report this week revealed the economy is on the mend despite the GOP plot to obstruct the new President's attempt to turn around the economic disaster eight years of Republicans' drunken spending spree on the nation's credit card.