WA Post: Unlike Trump, The Taliban Gets to Stay on Twitter Because They Promote Less Violence

Donald Trump violated Twitter's rules and regulations for years with little to no punishment. But after he used the site…

4 months ago

75% of Them Think the Insurrection Was a Picnic: ESPN’s Jalen Rose Slams Conservatives Who Attacked Simone Biles

When Simone Biles announced that she would be pulling out of some Olympic events, Conservatives predictably went nuts. Piers Morgan,…

4 months ago

Candace Owens Becomes the Latest Conservative to Reference Nazis When Talking About How Republicans Are Treated

Republicans today have a proclivity for unashamedly comparing anything that inconveniences them to Nazi Germany. The most obvious example of…

5 months ago

Are Conservatives About to Beat Liberals on Education?

Will conservatives actually manage to get out ahead? Our edited conversation is below…you be the judge.

6 months ago

Meghan McCain Blames the Media’s Coverage of Conservatives for Trump

There are plenty of Republicans who love Donald Trump and always want him to be a part of their party.…

10 months ago

WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Says Liberals and Conservatives Can’t Peacefully Coexist

Pundits often talk about how divided the country is right now. The division between political parties has also been a…

12 months ago

Meghan McCain: To Conservatives, the Media is the Enemy and Here to Make you Look Bad

Meghan McCain's role on The View is not exactly a simple one. She is tasked with giving a Conservative take…

1 year ago

National Review Editors Lash Out at Trump’s “Un-American” Election Delay

One of the country's most prominent conservative magazines has joined the chorus of criticism after Donald Trump suggested delaying the…

1 year ago

Republicans Hypocritically Call out Trump’s Fascist ‘Spy on Your Neighbor’ Proposals

It is true, Trump is a fascist, but so are Republicans, the Koch brothers, and millions of angry white racist…

6 years ago

Evidence That The Left Is Smarter: Democrats Have Bigger Vocabularies, Better Grammar Than GOP

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidates display larger vocabularies and better grammar than supporters of Republican candidates.

6 years ago

Former Reagan And Bush Senior Policy Advisor Says Trump Exposes Crazy and Stupid In The GOP

Bruce Bartlett says policies don't matter for the GOP, only attitude. "And Trump has exactly the right 'chip on your…

6 years ago

Conservatives Go Mad Because Netflix Announces A Year’s Unlimited Paid Maternity Leave

The conservative attacks on Netflix appear to be a typical Chamber of Commerce, ALEC, and Americans for Prosperity attack on…

6 years ago

Reaction To SCOTUS “Obamacare” Ruling Reveals Republicans’ Intrinsic Inhumanity

That idea of compassion, or humanity for other human beings has become anathema to Republicans and conservatives over the past…

6 years ago

Conservatives Tarnish Their Brand Further By Putting Duck Dynasty Clown On Stage At CPAC

In his long speech, Robertson warned that America was becoming sick from STDs and that wherever Jesus is missing, murder…

7 years ago

GOP Lunacy In Criticizing Obama’s ISIS Strategy At CPAC

Now they are lining up at the annual Aryan-sponsored conservative conclave to accuse the President of all manner of malfeasance…

7 years ago

The 21st Century Koch-Christian Crusade Is Killing Thousands Of Americans

The common demand from the religious right is "show just one instance of Christians killing anyone NOW," not 1,000, 60,…

7 years ago

GOP Civil War: Tea Party Congressman Rips Speaker John Boehner For Poor Leadership

Continuing GOP civil war, Rep. Richard Nugent of Florida vents Tea Party dissatisfaction with John Boehner's leadership and competence.

7 years ago

Republicans Lose Their Minds Over the Fact That the War in Afghanistan is Ending

The reaction from three Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee to the President's announcement that America's longest war was…

8 years ago

Eliminating Poverty Is More Than Just Putting Dollars In The Pockets Of The Poor

An implicit goal of the War on Poverty was to make the US a true meritocracy, and in this sense,…

8 years ago

Why Conservatives Hypocritically Won’t Advocate for Marriage Equality Supporting NFL Player

The First Amendment gives citizens the right to voice their opinion without repercussions, unless that opinion is contrary to Conservative…

8 years ago

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