The Top 5 John McCain Flip-Flops

ImageHere is a list of the top five John McCain flip-flops of the 2008 election so far. McCain has shown that his strongest trait as a candidate is his ability to change his position and contradict himself at any time. What is most amazing is McCain's flip-flopping knows no limits.

Is it Wrong to Call John McCain Old?

ImageSometimes when I write about Republican presidential candidate John McCain's age in a less than flattering way, I get accused of ageism, so is it fair to call John McCain old? John McCain was born on August 29, 1936. By the time he accepts the Republican nomination in September, he will be 72 years old.

Got Rice?

ImageSo, some very interesting rumors began circulating recently around the blogs on the "internets," as our glorious president would say. It appears Secretary of State Condi Rice is lobbying for the VP slot on John McCain's ticket.

Nancy Reagan Supports John McCain

ImageNancy Reagan became the latest big name Republican to announce her support for John McCain today. "John McCain has been a good friend for over thirty years. My husband and I first came to know him as a returning Vietnam War POW, and were impressed by the courage he had shown through his terrible ordeal.

What Can We Learn From the Ron Paul Campaign?

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ImageIn a video posted on his website almost two weeks ago, Republican Rep. Ron Paul hinted at the obvious. With John McCain clinching the GOP nomination, his presidential campaign is over. The Ron Paul phenomenon of 2008 is interesting because it revealed a great deal about where the Republican Party has been, and quite possibly where it is going.