conspiracy theories

WATCH: Sidney Powell Tells Lou Dobbs Trump Won in an “Absolute Landslide” and His Presidency “Can Be Saved”

In the days of Donald Trump, the Republican party has been more and more willing to buy into conspiracy theories.…

2 years ago

Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly Want the FBI to Oversee Counting on Final Ballots

Donald Trump is not having a good day. He felt much better about things on Tuesday night before the counting…

2 years ago

Lou Dobbs Says Bannon’s Arrest by USPS Agents was a Deep State Job

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was arrested today on charges of mail fraud and money laundering. The indictment against Bannon…

2 years ago

WaPo Columnist Says GOP a “Refuge for Bigots and Wackos” After Trump Praises QAnon Followers

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin says the Republican Party is a "refuge for bigots and wackos" in her latest column,…

2 years ago

Alex Jones and Infowars Get the Boot From Vimeo Social Media Platform

The website Vimeo has pulled content from Infowars and its founder Alex Jones from its site for violating the platform’s video…

4 years ago

New Lawsuits Are Fighting Back Against Right Wing Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories have always existed, but in recent years they have been getting more numerous and more troublesome. There is…

4 years ago

Trump Justice Dept. Launches Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Based On Debunked Conspiracy

When a conspiracy theorist is elected President of the United States, these are the things you can expect to happen.

5 years ago

Trump Attacks on Clinton and CIA Director Brennan Lead us Down a Slippery Slope

This is a slippery and dangerous slope down which Trump and his surrogates have embarked. This is how dictatorships function,…

6 years ago

Truthers Be Damned: Today Marks 4th Anniversary of Sandy Hook Shooting

Many of the victims are our children, whom we send to school each morning without any guarantee they will return…

6 years ago

The Only Thing Trump Threatens Is Civilized Society, Not Democracy

Trump supporter will seek out the “Mexicans. Syrians. People who can’t speak American and go right up behind them and…

6 years ago

Vile Conservatives Make Hurricane Death and Destruction Into an Obama Conspiracy

Drudge said he and Trump’s supporters “wondered if the government was lying about the intensity of the hurricane” and legitimacy…

6 years ago

Sean Hannity Calls CNN’s Brian Stelter an ‘Idiot Pipsqueak’ For Checking Facts

"Fire that idiot pipsqueak Brian Stelter, who said anybody that raised a question about Hillary's health was a conspiratorial thinker"

6 years ago

Pentagon Condemns House Benghazi Committee’s Wasteful “Speculative” Investigation

"Congress has an obligation to use resources and taxpayer dollars effectively and efficiently and respect the men, women, and resources…

6 years ago

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Blame The Federal Government For Polar Vortex

White jets and their chemtrails have replaced black helicopters as harbingers of certain climate doom. It's the black guy in…

8 years ago

The New Paranoid Style In American Politics: Have You No Decency, Sir?

Ted and Rafael Cruz are just two more in a long line of American political paranoiacs. The list of conspiracy…

9 years ago

Desperate Right Winger Launches a Treasonous Plot to Overthrow President Obama

An obsessed Islamophobe and birther has come up with what he thinks is master plan for people of faith and…

9 years ago

Hearings on Syria Offer Questions, Answers, and more Questions

The hearings on Syria did not answer every reasonable question about a possible U.S. punitive strike, but they exposed some…

9 years ago

Republicans Want To Impeach Obama For the Crime of Being President While Black

For the record, being twice-elected is not an impeachable offense, and being Black while President does not qualify as high…

9 years ago

The GOP’s Tea Party Astroturf Has Sprouted Roots and Grown Into Fringe Crazy

When the Tea Party emerged four summers ago, many of us dismissed them as a corporate-seeded astroturf movement. We were…

9 years ago

Once Upon Today: Two NSA Defectors Head for Russia

For those who shocked by Edward Snowden's flight to Russia, he's following a path set by William Martin and Bernon…

9 years ago