contraception mandate

With A Stroke Of His Pen, President Obama Renders Hobby Lobby Ruling Obsolete

According to the Catholic justices' ruling, the Obama Administration 'must' provide an accommodation for "religious" for-profit corporations and on Friday,…

6 years ago

Catholic Bishops Expanding the Scope of the Hobby Lobby Ruling

It appears nothing short of an outright ban, and criminalization, of all forms of birth control will satisfy the United…

7 years ago

The Supreme Court Joins The Right Wing Attempt to Replace the Constitution With the Bible

The Supreme Court is likely not done facilitating theocratic tyranny or disabusing the people from their 1st and 14th Amendment…

8 years ago

‘Christian’ Conservatives Abuse The Judicial System In Their Latest Battle Against The ACA

Conservative Christian business owners are appealing to other conservative Christians on the Supreme Court to grant them religious immunity from…

8 years ago

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