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Biased Corporate Media Is Intentionally Playing Up Bad News For Biden

When good economic news comes out, the corporate media ignores it but pounces on any bit of bad data that…

1 year ago

Corporate Media Edit Trump To Make Him Sound Less Stupid

There is a great enabling happening in the United States, and it has been going on for years. Many of…

3 years ago

The Significant Role That Stupidity Played in Republicans Winning Control of Congress

The sad fact is that the stupidity that drove the results of the midterms is not reserved to the Republican…

8 years ago

The Mainstream Media is Culpable in the Murder of American Democracy

Democrats are now people who can have our heads held under water until we stop breathing, who can be "made…

8 years ago

Bernie Sanders Hammers The Media For Refusing To Educate People About The Real Issues

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pulled no punches by calling out the media for refusing to inform and educate people.

8 years ago

Newspapers Across America Are Stealthily Helping The Koch Brothers Buy The Government

What makes newspapers actions more despicable is that they are not owned by the Kochs, but they are using so-called…

8 years ago

The Media Embarrasses Itself by Treating the Lying Bush Bumblers Like Iraq War Experts

America's mainstream media is as apt to repeat failures as conservatives likely due to the symbiotic relationship between corporate media…

9 years ago

It Is The Mainstream Media’s Fault That America is Plagued By Sarah Palin

It is the main stream media's fault the nation is plagued with Sarah Palin's recurring appearances on the national stage

9 years ago

Let’s Get this Straight, the Kochs Are Menacing, Soros is Benevolent

Conservatives incessantly drone on and on about George Soros as a villain, when the Koch brothers are discussed. Who's the…

9 years ago

Left-Leaning American Majority Sees Views Consistently Ignored

The mistakes legislators make tend to fall in one direction, giving U.S. politics a rightward tilt compared to what most…

9 years ago

The New Terrorists: How Ordinary American Activists are Receiving This Dangerous Label

The trend to label ordinary American activists as domestic terrorists is alarming, bringing to new reasons to revisit the PATRIOT…

10 years ago

Unlike the Corporate Media, Citizens Aren’t Buying Romney’s Debate Lies

Post debate polls back up the fact that Romney failed to establish himself as presidential, as new media tools show…

10 years ago

Blame the Media for Not Reporting Just How Much Republicans Hate America

Throughout President Obama's term, the corporate media has propagated most of the Republican talking points by guilt of omission in…

10 years ago

Paul Ryan’s Lies Can’t Hide His True Belief that Stimulus Is the Path to Prosperity

Ryan's request for stimulus money proves he knows that the path to prosperity is not severe austerity measures and tax…

10 years ago

Republicans Have Been Emboldened by a Lazy Media that Won’t Call Out Their Lies

If Republicans were called on every one of their lies during interviews, on political talk shows, or during the evening…

11 years ago