Kevin McCarthy Just Tried To Threaten Corporations And It Went Very Wrong

Kevin McCarthy Just Tried To Threaten Corporations And It Went Very Wrong

House Minority Kevin McCarthy reacted to a story about corporations giving Republicans more money by threatening his own donors.

2 years ago

WATCH: Nicolle Wallace Finds McConnell’s Threat to Corporations Hilarious

After 5 years plus of pulling the senate strings, Mitch McConnell is not enjoying his time as the Senate Minority…

3 years ago

Opinion: Trump Appoints Son-in-law Kushner To Make America a Corporation

Kushner's new office will be an aggressive team to “run the government like a great American company and potentially privatize…

7 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Turns Up The Heat On Trump, Calls SCOTUS Pick A ‘Gift’ To Corporations

"Let's not mince words: The nomination of Judge Gorsuch is a huge gift to the giant corporations and wealthy individuals…

7 years ago

ALEC Plans Corporate Control and Privatization Of Every City In America

It is true the Koch's are poised to spend nearly a billion dollars to put a Koch surrogate in the…

8 years ago

The Revenge of the Poor, Betrayal of the Elite Now Leads to The Rise of Super Bugs

Neglecting the conditions and healthcare of the poor has contributed to drug-resistant microbes which have reached crisis proportions.

10 years ago

Americans Are Watching and They No Longer Trust The Conservative Supreme Court

The conservatives have been so blatant in their service to special interests that Americans have taken notice, and a new…

10 years ago

Poll Fishing: How Today’s Media Distorts Data to Drive Ratings

Recent polls have shown Barack Obama's approval rating on the decline. However, who exactly is "disapproving" of him tells the…

10 years ago

Evangelical Corporations Try To Force Their Employees To Follow Their Religious Beliefs

At issue is whether a secular corporation with no business relationship or involvement in a religion can be considered religious…

10 years ago

Ever Since Citizens United Unions Have Been Under Siege

Conservatives have steadily been eroding the power of unions in the wake of Citizens United since they are their only…

11 years ago

A Panicked and Desperate ALEC Admits that They Are Being Defeated

ALEC’s assault on democracy, though successful up until now, is over and it is entirely due to activist organizations and…

12 years ago

Profiting from Punishment: The Dangers of Privatizing Imprisonment

Corporations are taking over the incarceration of prisoners to make billions of dollars in profit while lobbying against much needed…

12 years ago

Shenzhen Sweatshops: The Ultimate Goal of Corporatism

Chinese sweatshops are horrific, and they could happen here.

12 years ago

In the name of Reagan: The Conservative War On The Working Class

Republicans lionize Ronald Reagan, and in the older, white population, the dead president is a god who deserves to have…

13 years ago

American Pariah: Why the Founding Fathers Would Reject the GOP

Republican lawmakers, pundits, and Tea Party patriots all claim a desire to return to the Founding Father’s view of America…

13 years ago