Donald Trump Exposes Koch Republicans As Glaring Fascists

Republicans have tapped into the religious and conservative negative reaction to 21st Century modernity, or social progress as it is called

Wealthy Libertarians Are Driving Poverty, Unemployment, and Anti-Government Discontent

Wealthy libertarians using austerity to create conditions driving high unemployment, poverty, anti-government discontent, and misplaced anger to further their own agenda.

The Republican Vision for Government is Corporate Owned and Operated

The government Romney and Republicans propose is not business friendly, it is business-owned and operated, and the people are expendable assets.

Stars and Stripes Forever? The Republican Plot to Fracture America

Today marks our 236 birthday, and instead of a United States of America, Republicans have created a divided populace based on the mantra either you are with us, or you are un-American.

Backed by a Failed Economic Theory, Republicans Turn to Religious Extremists

Republicans have enlisted religious fanatics to forward their dangerous agenda by instilling fear that Democrats are waging a war on religious freedom.

Shenzhen Sweatshops: The Ultimate Goal of Corporatism

Chinese sweatshops are horrific, and they could happen here.

How We Got Here: The View From Wall Street

There has been a lot of deserved talk about the three legs of corporatism: the right wing message machine, religious fundamentalists, and corporate billionaire funding. However, not as much has been said about Wall Street’s overarching contribution: its creeping dominance over our economy and how its amoral philosophical values have seeped into every part of our culture.

Attention Conservatives: You Too Benefit From American Socialism

Socialism is a form of governance where the State owns everything, and private ownership of the means of production and distribution has been eliminated. Although America is not Socialist, we do enjoy a privileged lifestyle that is the result of social programs. Our highway system, air travel, food safety, medical care, and old age assistance are all social programs, and whether or not teabaggers realize it, they enjoy and benefit from socialism.

Republicans Destroy Middle Class Dreams One Busted Union At a Time

Corporate protection at the expense of worker safety is endemic of conservative's ideology that corporations must be protected at any cost. Demonizing unions is just another way conservatives give corporations power to control America.

Earth, Wind and Oil: Big Energy Triumphs Over Democracy

With the BP oil spill still raging after a month of disinformation and stonewalling from both BP and the Obama Administration as well as the catastrophe of the Massey coal mine explosion just two weeks prior to the BP Gulf disaster, the left and right are playing their trite and expected "blame game" without acknowledging the actual systemic realities of a Government that enables BP and Massey to rape and plunder the earth for the sake of profit at the expense of the environment and human life.