Democrats Call for DOJ to Investigate Florida Senate Races

The Miami Herald reported today that Florida Democrats are calling for the Department of Justice to investigate state Senate races.

11 of Florida’s Democratic U.S. House members sent a letter to United States Attorney General Merrick Garland saying that  “a cloud of corruption hangs over Florida’s 2020 election cycle, which thus far, has received only a limited formal investigation.” read more

Opinion: Corruption is Not A Second Amendment Right

The law was not kind to corrupt people this week.  The DC Circuit sided with congressional oversight when it said the House could sue Don McGahn  if he didn’t comply with a subpoena.  We learned that Deutsche Bank  gave up Donald Trump’s financials to Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance, and the crown jewel came with New York Attorney General Letitia James’s  announcement of a civil suit against the NRA over its corrupt business practices. read more

Opinion: Trump’s Corruption Comes Full Circle As His DC Hotel Abruptly Cancels Kurdish Solidarity Event

Donald Trump’s DC hotel decided it doesn’t want the money that comes from Christians showing solidarity with the Kurds. According to the Washington Post, the Trump International Hotel “abruptly” canceled the event that Frontier Alliance International said was intended to honor and pray for the Kurdish people.

Dalton Thomas, the aid group’s founder, described the reasons he was given as “hazy.”

A second official of the religious group, Charlene Struebing, said Trump Hotel staff cited “security concerns” because FAI’s critics planned to protest outside.

“They said they’ve gotten a lot of security concerns and they couldn’t accommodate enough security,” Struebing said. “I think it’s more related to people protesting our event than it was anything we were doing.” read more