Surgeon General Says COVID-19 “Doesn’t Care About Your Politics” as Trump Holds Packed Rallies

The Surgeon General has warned that Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate based on a person’s political beliefs as Donald Trump continues to downplay the disease at his rallies.

Jerome Adams mentioned the President’s rallies during an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday but declined to criticize them. Instead, he explained that politics didn’t change how the virus behaves toward people. read more

Nancy Pelosi: San Francisco Salon Owes Me an Apology for “Setting Me Up”

Nancy Pelosi has accused a San Francisco salon of setting her up following criticism of her not wearing a mask indoors, in apparent violation of the city’s anti-Coronavirus measures.

The Speaker of the House lashed out eSalon and suggested they had tricked her. Footage of Pelosi not wearing a mask was first obtained by Fox News and the salon’s owner later spoke to the network’s Tucker Carlson.

I think that this salon owes me an apology, for setting me up,” Pelosi said on Wednesday.

The California Democrat said the salon had told her incorrect information about Covid-19 restrictions and suggested this had been an intentional “set up.”

Crazy Nancy Pelosi is being decimated for having a beauty parlor opened, when all others are closed, and for not wearing a Mask – despite constantly lecturing everyone else. We will almost certainly take back the House, and send Nancy packing! read more

“I Will Speak Directly to the American People” Biden Says he Won’t Tweet if Elected

Twitter is still a pretty new form of communication. The social media site was created in 2006, but George W. Bush didn’t have much use for it. Barack Obama utilized the service, but only to make major announcements.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, does a fair amount of his communication via the website. This weekend alone, Trump sent out nearly 100 tweets, talking about everything from college football to unrest in Wisconsin.

During a Tuesday interview with Jon Delano from Pittsburgh’s KDKA the former Vice President was asked if he would be using the site.

Biden responded, “I am not a tweeter. I’m going to speak to the American people directly. I’m not engaged in trying to foment hatred and division. It’s about uniting the country.”

When asked if he'll tweet as President, Biden tells @KDKA's @JonDelano: "I am not a tweeter. I'm going to speak to the American people directly. I'm not engaged in trying to foment hatred and division. It's about uniting the country." read more

New Biden Ad Accuses Trump of Cancelling the Sports Season

The Biden campaign is hoping to highlight the effect Coronavirus has had on sports in new ads aimed at blaming Donald Trump for ongoing disruptions to ordinary life.

The former Vice President’s campaign is launching a YouTube mast takeover, according to a press release seen by PoliticusUSA. A new ad, entitled Anthem, will showcase empty stadiums.

Biden’s campaign says it’s “

casting light on the harsh reality Republicans swept under the rug during their convention: empty stadiums, deserted classrooms, and closed businesses. “ read more

Mary Trump: It’s “Disturbing to Watch” RNC Paint the President as a Family Man

Donald Trump’s niece thinks the Republican National Convention has tried to whitewash his true character by portraying him inaccurately as a caring, family man.

Mary Trump spoke to MSNBC on the closing night of the convention, when her uncle delivered his acceptance speech. She described a very different man from the one the GOP has promoted.

The idea of passing him off like a great family man is like trying to pass him off as a great businessman,” she said. read more

White House Official Explains Lack of Social Distancing at Trump Speech: “Everybody Is Going to Catch This Thing Eventually”

A White House official reportedly dismissed concerns about a lack of Coronavirus safety measures at the President’s speech on Thursday be saying everybody would catch it eventually.

Donald Trump delivered his Republican National Convention speech from the White House lawn in front of a large crowd. There were few masks apparent and no social distancing.

CNN’s Jim Acosta reported on the extraordinary remark from one official about the event. He spoke to the network’s Wolf Blitzer.

Yeah, Wolf, we not only heard a lot of gas lighting tonight, we possibly saw and witnessed some super-spreading from this event,” Acosta said.

Watch the video:

On the lack of social distancing or face masks at Trump’s #RNC2020 acceptance speech in the middle of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, a senior White House official tells @Acosta: “Everybody is going to catch this thing eventually.” 🤯 read more

Kamala Harris: Republicans Are Taking Advantage of the Pandemic to Suppress the Vote

Kamala Harris has blasted Republicans for trying to exploit the Coronavirus pandemic to suppress the vote in November’s elections. The Democratic senator has called out Donald Trump’s own double standard on mail-in ballots.

The vice presidential candidate wrote an op-ed in Wednesday’s Washington Post marking the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave some women the vote.

She discussed the limitations of that amendment but also highlighted the ongoing attacks on American’s ability to vote.

We know what we have to do to fulfill the promise embodied in the 19th Amendment: We need to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, support automatic and same-day voter registration and help fund secure state voting systems,” Harris wrote.

“And that is what Joe Biden and I will do when we’re in the White House.”

But change cannot wait until then,” she urged.

“Republicans are once again doing everything in their power to suppress and attack the voting rights of people of color. They are deploying suppressive voter ID laws, racial gerrymandering, voter roll purges, precinct closures and reduced early-voting days.”

Harris then linked the ongoing pandemic to efforts at voter suppression.

And this year, Republicans are also spending millions on every scare tactic and trick in the book,” she said.

“Most visibly, they are doing what they can to take advantage of a pandemic that the president cannot, or will not, get under control.”

She went on to call out the “double standard” of the President voting by mail while railing against the practice.

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Dr. Fauci Warns Against Rushing Out a Coronavirus Vaccine Without Proper Testing

Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned against distributing an emergency Coronavirus vaccine until proper testing can be carried out. Doing so could harm other vaccine trials, he said.

The infectious diseases expert told Reuters that releasing a vaccine before it can be proven to be effective and safe would be harmful. His comments come as President Donald Trump has pushed for just such an action.

The one thing that you would not want to see with a vaccine is getting an EUA [emergency use authorization] before you have a signal of efficacy,” Fauci said. read more

75% of Republicans Believe the Country Is Better Off Than It Was Four Years Ago

A huge majority of Republicans think the United States is in better shape now than it was four years ago. This view stands in stark contrast to the opinion of voters at large.

A CBS News poll found that 75% of self-identifying Republican voters think the country is better off than it was in 2016, while 25% disagreed with the premise.

For most Republicans, America is a nation where the economy is still fairly good, where the effort to handle the coronavirus is going at least somewhat well and the president is doing a very good job on it,” CBS News notes. read more

New Poll: Majority of Americans Are Embarrassed and “Very Angry” at the State of the Country

A majority of Americans feel embarrassment by the U.S. handling of the Coronavirus and most of them are very angry at the direction the country is heading.

Those are the findings of a new CNN poll released on Wednesday. In bad news for President Donald Trump, his approval rating on Coronavirus has hit a new record low.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans said they didn’t approve of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, while 55% said the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak is still to come.

CNN found that nearly 7 in 10 Americans are embarrassed by the country’s response to the Coronavirus, with a clear partisan divide on the issue. Some 93% of Democrats are embarrassed, though 61% Republicans are proud.

Another startling finding is the number of respondents who said they were “very angry” with the way the nation is headed. A slim majority – 51% – said they were very angry.

This may be a record high. According to the CNN report, the previous high points were 35% in 2008 and 2016, meaning the percentage is significantly higher this cycle.

An overwhelming majority of Americans – 8 in 10 – are “at least somewhat angry” with the direction the country is heading in, while 52% are not comfortable returning to life as usual.

President Trump has usually dismissed polls that look bad for him, but these numbers have been

born out across numerous surveys read more

GOP Congressman Wants Jerry Falwell Jr. to Step Down From Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s father had a dream of college that would be the Evangelical equivilent of Catholic institution Notre Dame or the Mormon’s Brigham Young. And that school, Liberty University, has grown by leaps and bounds.

The school has an enrollment of close to 80,000 and competes in NCAA Division I sports. The school, however, has a Jerry Falwell Jr. problem. Today, North Carolina congressman Mark Walker, called on him to step down from the University.

Falwell Jr. recently posted a picture in a state of undress, posing alongside his wife’s assitant. This was just the latest in  a string of incidents for the Liberty University President.

Walker took Falwell Jr. to task, writing, “Jerry Falwell Jr’s ongoing behavior is appalling. As a Music Faculty Advisory Board Member and former instructor at Liberty University, I’m convinced Falwell should step down. None of us are perfect, but students, faculty, alumni and LU Praise deserve better.”

Jerry Falwell Jr’s ongoing behavior is appalling.

As a Music Faculty Advisory Board Member and former instructor @LibertyU, I’m convinced Falwell should step down.

None of us are perfect, but students, faculty, alumni and @LUPraise deserve better. read more

Trump Claims a Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Ready Just in Time for Election Day

Donald Trump has claimed there could be a vaccine for Covid-19 by election day this year. This would be very convenient for the President as he faces a tough reelection battle.

Trump spoke to Geraldo Rivera’s Cleveland radio show on Thursday and claimed, without providing details, that a vaccine might be available before the election in November.

Sooner than the end of the year, could be much sooner,” Trump said. read more

Facebook Finally Removes a Trump Campaign Ad Containing False Information

Since the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential election, Facebook has played an outsized role in US politics. A large part of this role is the social media giant’s resistence to “censor” poltical speech.

Twitter had long been criticized for allowing Donald Trump to frequently flout their rules and regulations. But in May of this year, the website finally saw fit to start labeling the President’s tweets that contained false information.

Facebook, after months of pressure, has now followed suit. On Wednesday, the site removed a post from Trump that claimed children are immune to COVID-19.

During a Wednesday interview with the hosts of Fox & Friends, Trump said of children and the coronavirus, “It doesn’t have an impact on them and I have watched some doctors say they’re totally immune. The fact is that they are virtually immune from this problem and we have to open our schools.”

Children are much less likely to suffer severely from COVID-19, but some have died from the illness. Epidemiologists also worry about kids spreading the disease to family and caretakers.

Team Trump created a Facebook post meant to spread this misinformation. The post was summarily removed by the website.

Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesperson said of the decision, “

This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19 which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID misinformation.” read more

New Lincoln Project Ad Brands Jared Kushner “Secretary of Failure”

The Lincoln Project has slammed Jared Kushner as “Secretary of Failure” in a new ad highlighting the Trump administration’s mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The conservative group campaigning to defeat President Donald Trump took aim at his son-in-law, who is also a senior White House official. The new doesn’t hold back, accusing Kushner of never meeting a problem he couldn’t “fuck up.”

“Jared Kushner is a failure,” the Lincoln Project said in a statement released with the ad on Wednesday. “Being rich doesn’t require skill, a pandemic response does.”

Watch the video:

The ad also pointed to Kushner father, saying he was a slumlord and a convicted felon, before morphing a photo of his father into Kushner, implying an unbroken pattern of criminality.

“Jared Kushner doesn’t care about your life or mine,” said Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen.

“He thought the pandemic was just another political prop — and now we’re all suffering. He is beyond evil.”

The Lincoln Project also reemphasized its central goal of removing Trump from office in 2020: “Defeating Trumpism means defeating cronies like Jared. Come November 3rd, it’s time to clean house. ”

Kushner has played a major role in dealing with the Coronavirus and has been widely criticized for his inadequate and reportedly partisan reaction to the deadly pandemic.

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