South Dakota Governor: “We Will Not Be Social Distancing” at Independence Day Event with Trump

The Governor of South Dakota has said there will be no social distancing at an upcoming Independence Day event. She also said masks will not be required at the celebration.

President Donald Trump is due to attend the event marking America’s independence at Mount Rushmore on 3 July.  Republican Governor Kristi Noem told Fox News on Monday there would be no social distancing requirements. read more

Texas Governor Criticized for Lecturing Young People about Covid-19 after He Prevented Virus Safety Measures

Critics have rounded on Texas Governor Greg Abbott for singling out young people as Coronavirus cases in the state rise. Abbott scolded the under-30s for not taking the virus seriously.

“We are beginning to see for the month of June an increase in the number of people testing positive who are in the age group the 20s, meaning between the age of 20 and 29,” the Republican said. read more

Trump Says Nancy Pelosi Has “Mental Problems” After She Calls Him “Mordibly Obese”

Donald Trump has claimed Nancy Pelosi has psychological problems in response to her saying he was obese. His comments on Tuesday were the latest in a tit-for-tat between the two.

The President responded to a question about Pelosi’s remarks by first batting it away. But he then turned on the Speaker of the House, saying she must have problems with her mind. read more

Republican Senator Ben Sasse Criticized for Suggesting High School Grads Are “Fat and Lazy”

Senator Ben Sasse should apologize to a high school graduating class after suggesting they were fat and lazy. That’s the view of at least one member of the school board.

The Republican addressed the students from his former school, Fremont high in Nebraska, as part of their graduation. Sasse used the virtual address to attack China and even the graduates themselves. read more