Fox News Massively Failed To Deliver A Red Wave With Crime

Fox News Massively Failed To Deliver A Red Wave With Crime

As soon as Democrats started surging in the polls in the summer, Fox News started mentioning crime nonstop. However, the…

1 year ago

Jim Jordan Lies And Says The Left Defunded The Police, But Police Funding Has Increased

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) lied and said that the left defunded the police when police funding increased under Democrats

1 year ago

Media Knowingly Helps Republicans Push Bogus Crime Fears

If you were wondering why the media is suddenly telling you that Americans care more about "crime" than they do…

2 years ago

We’re All Getting Robbed Blind. Can America Stop It?

 Cybersecurity policy expert Michael Garcia explains the true scale of this alarming problem that affects all of us, and how…

3 years ago

Opinion: Tough On Crime Sessions Has No U.S. Attorneys To Prosecute Federal Crimes

Jeff Sessions still hasn't filled even one of the 93 vacant U.S. Attorney positions he needs to operate, much less…

7 years ago

Donald Trump Dishonestly Claims Obama Won’t Deport Criminals

Trump claims Obama isn't deporting criminals, but this is a Republican lie often told, and often refuted

8 years ago

Ben Carson’s Appalling Claim Some Values Are More Equal Than Others

Ben Carson has shown himself to be appallingly insensitive, and if his values are more equal than ours, we are…

9 years ago

After Huntington Beach Riot, We Need to Talk about White Youth and Violence

Sunday's rioting in Huntington Beach, California is sparking a national conversation about white youth and violence. It's about time.

11 years ago

The Protesters of the Steubenville Rape Case Inspire Real Change

Because of the attention the Steubenville case has gotten, San Luis Obispo has launched a campaign to encourage the reporting…

11 years ago

Anonymous Rallies for Justice for 16-Year-Old Rape Victim

This is a sad, seedy, predictable story about small town protectionism, only in this story, rape protectionism meets Internet warriors…

11 years ago