Critical race theory

Opinion: Accepting Republican Frame about “Wokeness,” Conservative Democrats Play to White Supremacy

Elements of the Democratic Party have bought into this Republican framing, similarly deploying “wokeness” as a term of slander and…

3 weeks ago

Tennessee Plans to Withhold Millions of Dollars in State Funding from Schools That Teach Critical Race Theory

The state of Tennessee has plans to withhold millions of dollars in state funding from schools that violate a recently…

4 months ago

WATCH: Fox News Guest Claims Slavery Wasn’t a Racist Thing

Now that Joe Biden is president and things are going reasonably well, Fox News has decided to stop talking about…

5 months ago

Sean Hannity Claims Teachers Will Soon Stop Teaching Math, Science and History and Replace Them With Critical Race Theory

Last week, it was announced that the United States had added 850,000 new jobs. This was a continuation of a…

5 months ago

Steve Bannon Says Pushing Bad Faith Critical Race Theory Argument Will Help GOP Take Back House in 2022

The 2020 Republican National Convention made one thing clear; the GOP has no agenda or platform. The party has move…

5 months ago

Florida Joins the List of GOP-led States Banning Critical Race Theory

Back in September, two months before losing the election to Joe Biden, when Donald Trump was repeating the fallacy either…

6 months ago

WATCH: Comic Amber Ruffin Shuts Down Right Wing Critical Race Theory Critics

On Friday, host and comedy writer Amber Ruffin used her "How did we get here?" segment to respond to Critical Race…

6 months ago

A Guide to White Privilege for White People Who Think They’ve Never Had Any

Economically disadvantaged white people have the hardest time accepting that they have white privilege, but they do.

8 years ago

King Ended the Reign of Terror So Now It’s Time For the Truth About White Privilege

White people have largely ended violence. Now, it is time for telling the truth about privilege and facing what it…

8 years ago

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