Rudy Giuliani Held a Rally Against the Cuban Government in Miami and Barely Anyone Showed Up

At one point, Rudy Giuliani was a wildly popular mayor who was seen as a future presidential contender. Things have…

3 months ago

Biden Responds to Cuba Protests: “We Stand with the Cuban People”

President Joe Biden said the United States stands with Cuba as thousands of Cubans rally against the government amid a…

4 months ago

Conservative Steve Schmidt Claims Marco Rubio Would Have Supported Fidel Castro to Get Ahead

Conservative Steve Schmidt offered stinging criticism of Marco Rubio on Tuesday after the Republican senator mocked actor Eva Longoria for…

1 year ago

Human Rights Report That Ted Cruz Demanded Reveals Republican Hypocrisy

In fact, the State Department could easily have substituted the name Republican Party for Islamic Republic of Iran, condemned the…

6 years ago

Obama Attacked for Announcing Cuba is No Longer a State Sponsor of Terror

The resultant Republican freakout is not unexpected, as it violates not only the status quo but further silences the drums…

7 years ago

Delusional Michele Bachmann Thinks President Obama Has Virtually Guaranteed World War III

In a radio interview, former GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann asserted that President Obama's policies will lead to World War III.

7 years ago

John Bolton Was Wrong About Iraq WMDs But Says Trust him on Iran Nukes

John Bolton's New York Times op-ed exposes not only Bolton's flawed thinking but the Times' tendency to ape Fox News

7 years ago

President Obama Demonstrates Statesmanship to Republicans in Meeting Mexico’s President

President Obama and Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, talked yesterday about various issues involving the two countries, including Cuba, immigration,…

7 years ago

The Insane Republican Reaction to Obama’s Cuba News

Tom DeLay said, "Frankly, I think this could also be payback by Obama to those Cubans who normally support Republicans"

7 years ago

Alan Gross Home Free After 5 Years in Cuban Prison, Thanks President Obama

Gross told the media, "In my last letter to President Obama, I said despite my five years of captivity I…

7 years ago

A Cuban Victim of the Cold War is Free Today Thanks to President Obama

Though there has seemed no reason for the two nations to remain at odds over the past 20+ years, old…

7 years ago

Sen. Marco Rubio Leads Predictable Republican Whinefest Over Obama’s New Cuba Policy

After President Obama announced a new policy shift with Cuba Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) led the predictable Republican outrage.…

7 years ago

Obama Adds To His Historic Achievements By Ending The U.S. Isolation of Cuba

President Obama began dismantling one of the final relics of Cold War foreign policy today by announcing the historic decision…

7 years ago

The White House Delivers The Facts On President Obama’s New Course on Cuba

The following is a fact sheet from the White House Office of the Press Secretary on the President's plan to…

7 years ago

According to Ted Cruz, Reagan and Both Bushes Acted Like Monarchs

De facto Speaker of the House and self-appointed incoming Senate Majority Leader Ted Cruz accused the President of being a…

7 years ago

Getting Cray-Cray for God in Iowa – or Let’s Party Like it’s 2016

Though we're three-years-plus out from Election Day 2016, the Iowa clown car is fast filling up with those jockeying to…

8 years ago

Republicans Finally Admit That They, Not Obama, Are Preventing Gitmo Civilian Trials

Republicans have finally come out of the closet and admitted that they are blocking civilian trials for Gitmo detainees because…

9 years ago

Jumping the Commie Shark: Ted Cruz’s McCarthyism is Indicative of a Lost Party

It seems everyone is calling Republican Senator Ted Cruz the new McCarthy. But there's not one "new McCarthy" in the…

9 years ago

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