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Taylor Swift’s Box Office Domination Joins Barbie’s to Spell Cultural Trouble for Republicans

Taylor Swift’s Box Office Domination Joins Barbie’s to Spell Cultural Trouble for Republicans

If the idea that people vote with their wallets before they vote with their ballots is true, then Taylor Swift's…

8 months ago

Lara Trump: I Was Thrilled When My Maskless 3 Year-Old Came Home From School Sick

The tide seems to be turning a bit this week. With COVID surging mainly in red states, Republicans suddenly seem…

3 years ago

Jen Psaki Knocks Ron DeSantis’ Plan to Have No Mask Mandate in Schools Despite Cases Surging in Florida

Ron DeSantis, more than any other governor in the country, has politicized mask wearing. He has regularly pointed to his…

3 years ago

Transgender Women Need to Stay Out of Prisons and Rape Crisis Centers: Taylor Greene Goes on Another Bigoted Rant

Marjorie Taylor Greene had actually gone a few weeks without any kind of major controversy. And for the embattled Georgia…

3 years ago

Carl Bernstein: Trump Is Willing to See the Country “Go Up in Flames” to Win Reelection

Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein has warned that Donald Trump will do anything to be reelected - even if that involves…

4 years ago

With One Dodged Question, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Admits Trump’s Attacks Are Racial

Sarah Huckabee Sanders dodged questions about President Trump going after African American athletes while praising NASCAR, again pretending that Trump's…

7 years ago

Anti-Gay Activist Claims Gays Are Treating Christians Like Jews in Nazi Germany

"In many states, it's legal to fire someone for being gay," says Bernie Sanders - nowhere can you be fired…

8 years ago

A Desperate Mike Huckabee Lambastes Ted Cruz as Inauthentic

Mike Huckabee grasps like a sinking man to the missteps of Ted Cruz, but even Ted Cruz could never be…

9 years ago

Christian Democrats of America Say Republican Dominance of Christianity Ending

We have been hearing for a long time that the Religious Right is dead; demographics or not, I'll believe it…

9 years ago

Bill O’Reilly’s Call for Holy War Just Articulates What the Right Has Been Doing All Along

We've been victims of holy war for decades. This just turns attention from our own women, children and poor to…

9 years ago

Larry Pratt: Bombing Seen by Liberals as Opportunity to Increase Government Control

Republicans want bombing suspect treated as enemy combatant but it's liberals who want increased government control?

11 years ago

Move Over Star Wars: A Trilogy of GOP Cognitive Dissonance: 2008, 2012, 2016

The Republican Party's doldrums are likely to continue until they acknowledge reality, but there are no signs of that happening…

12 years ago

Mrs. Cleaver’s America is Dead – and Thank God For It

Republicans, in appraising the causes for the Republican defeat in 2012, shy away from the real reasons for that defeat:…

12 years ago

Painting President Obama as a Culture Warrior

Ross Douthat, in an op-ed for the New York Times, paints President Obama as a culture warrior who ignores the…

12 years ago