DADT Repeal

Rush Limbaugh Accuses Those Who Celebrate DADT Repeal of Hating the Military

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh accused anyone who celebrated the repeal of DADT of hating the military. Limbaugh…

11 years ago

The Failure of Bible Based Bigotry to Keep DADT Alive

Repealing DADT is a civil rights issue and nothing more. It is not about imposing social change on the country…

11 years ago

Rachel Maddow Tells the Left to Reward Obama for His DADT Victory

Rachel Maddow was on MSNBC providing analysis of the Senate's vote to repeal DADT, when she pointed out that today's…

11 years ago

Conservative Christian Bigotry Lurks Behind Opposition to Lifting DADT

People like Sen. John McCain will always find bigots like himself who object to gays existing, much less serving in…

11 years ago

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