The Sacred Band – Thebes’ Honor and America’s Shame

At battle's end, Phillip looked upon the dead of the Sacred Band and said, “Perish any man who suspects that…

11 years ago

Republicans Talk and Hate and Offer no Solutions

You can search and search; you can look high and low, but you won't find much. Right now, the closest…

11 years ago

John McCain’s Eternal War Against Gays At Home and American Soldiers Abroad

John McCain is a war hero, and advocates permanent wars regardless the cost in lives and drain on the economy.…

11 years ago

Lame Duck Session Presents the Perfect Opportunity for Democrats

Now that Democrats in Congress are in a lame duck session, they have one more opportunity to take a stand…

11 years ago

Even Bill O’Reilly is More Liberal than Barack Obama on DADT

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly was on The Tonight Show last night where revealed that he seems to have changed his…

11 years ago

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