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Trump Is Dooming Republicans By Feeding Red Wave Delusions

Any campaign strategist will say that the last thing they want to do is feed their supporters' complacency with false…

4 years ago

Trump Has An Epic Meltdown Over Newspapers Defending The First Amendment

Trump responded to 350 newspapers publishing editorials denouncing his war on the press by having a total Twitter meltdown.

4 years ago

Sen. Joni Ernest Is Reeling As She Gets Called Out For Getting Millions Of Dollars In Help From The NRA

Sen. Joni Ernest had to lie to an Iowa crowd about getting millions of dollars in support from the NRA…

4 years ago

Trump’s Trade War To Kill 20,000 Jobs In The US Beer Industry

Trump's tariff on aluminum is projected to cost 20,000 Americans their jobs in beer-related industries and impose a beer tax…

5 years ago

Ivanka Trump Got A China Bribe The Same Day That Trump Dropped Sanctions

It is not a coincidence that President Trump got a $500 million kickback from China, and his daughter got trademarks…

5 years ago

Trump Demands That All Democrats Stop Resisting Him

As Democratic resistance grows, Donald Trump is getting desperate and demanding that Democrats stop resisting him and support his policies.

5 years ago

Fox News Is Nightmarishly Defending Trump’s Child Concentration Camps

Fox News is offering a full-throated defense of Trump putting children in cages, as the kids having it good.

5 years ago

The Drama Behind Completing ‘Fast & Furious 7’ After Paul Walker’s Death

Following actor Paul Walker's death last November 30, Universal Studios and the creative team behind the studio's Fast & Furious…

9 years ago