Dana Milbank

Amicus Tells Supreme Court that Marriage Equality Will Cause 900,000 Abortions

A hysterical claim backed up by zero facts equals the perfect Republican argument against marriage equality

8 years ago

Fox News’ Sean Hannity Lets The Hate Speech Flow And Pushes All In On Islamophobia

During the Thursday and Friday night broadcasts of his show, Fox News' Sean Hannity not only provided a forum for…

8 years ago

House Republicans Continue To Falsely Claim President Obama And IRS Committed Crimes

During a recent subcommittee hearing conducted by the House Ways and Means Committee, Republicans continued to push their false accusations…

9 years ago

Hearings on Syria Offer Questions, Answers, and more Questions

The hearings on Syria did not answer every reasonable question about a possible U.S. punitive strike, but they exposed some…

9 years ago

Bill O’Reilly is ‘Furious’ Over Being Treated Like Fox Treats President Obama

Bill O'Reilly is 'furious' that people are 'lying' about him saying that opponents of gay marriage haven't 'been able to…

10 years ago