Dana Rohrabacher

Dana Rohrabacher Loses his Seat In a Night of Upsets

Dana Rohrabacher Loses his Seat In a Night of Upsets

The pro-Russia Republican who once arm-wrestled with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California, has lost his seat…

5 years ago

GOP Stops Funding Dana Rohrabacher, ‘Putin’s Favorite Congressman’

Two endangered Republicans in Southern California have now been thrown to the wolves by their own party. The Republican Party’s…

5 years ago

Return Manafort’s money, Democrats demand of Republican Dana Rohrabacher

A California neuroscientist vying to unseat Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher stepped up his criticism of the conservative on Tuesday, demanding…

6 years ago

GOP Rep Goes Full Crazy And Claims Charlottesville Nazis Were Actually Liberal Actors

This is the kind of unhinged and crackpot rhetoric that is common on Info Wars, but it has no place…

6 years ago

Republican Civil War Is The 8-Year Price Of Extremist Embrace

Embracing extremism delivered what the base wants and GOP attempts to distance themselves from their creation is inciting a rebellion…

7 years ago

Federal Judge Blasts DEA’s Illegal Practice of Prosecuting Legal Medical Marijuana Use

Judge Charles R. Breyer said that the DEA's interpretation of the bipartisan medical marijuana bill "defied logic and language"

8 years ago

Jon Stewart Obliterates Republicans By Highlighting Their Ignorance On Climate Change

On Monday night's episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, host Jon Stewart devoted the first segment of his…

9 years ago

Science Deniers And the Stupidity Caused by Being Blinded By Faith

It is mindboggling there are so many Americans opposed to science and steeped in myth and superstition in the 21st…

10 years ago

Edward Snowden Highlights the Peculiar Republican Obsession with Russia

Remember when Mitt Romney said that Russia is "without question our number one geopolitical foe"? Thanks in part to Edward…

10 years ago

Marco Rubio’s Epic Fail as the Aspiring Hero of 2016

Making Rubio the face of immigration reform has backfired and he has become a target of ridicule, all of it…

10 years ago

Republican Desperation Grows as Benghazi Backfires and Scandal Talk Fizzles

Benghazi gate is not going as Republicans planned, and in fact, the failure to gain traction on their narrative is…

11 years ago

Democrat to GOP in Benghazi Hearing ‘If you want to know who is responsible in this town, buy yourself a mirror!’

A House Foreign Affairs hearing went wild today, resulting in Rep. Gary Ackerman calling the GOP out on their hypocrisy…

11 years ago