Liar David Barton Claims That U.S. Constitution Quotes ‘Almost Verbatim’ from Bible

“You’ll find almost verbatim wording in many clauses of the Constitution to passages in the Bible. It’s a one-to-one correlation on the wording.”

Vice President Mike Pence Wants the Bible Taught As Science

The evangelical fundamentalists, all 13.2 percent of them, are appealing to vice president-elect Pence by petition and demanding that he, as head of domestic policy, inform president-elect Trump that it is crucial to immediately issue an executive order in"definitely banning” the teaching of evolution as science.

Religious Right Clergy at Capitol Hill to ‘Drive Out Satan’ Drive Out Freedom Instead

U.S. Senate Republicans

"[T]he serious enemies are the priests of the different religious sects, to whose spells on the human mind its improvement is ominous."

Fake Historian David Barton Has Some Really Bad Advice for Evangelicals

The election results showed that a lot of people didn't want to follow the "timeless principles that have guided us," but he has a solution

David Barton Says if You Don’t Believe in the Bible, You Don’t Believe in the Constitution

"The fervency with which someone follows their religious faith, a biblical faith, is nearly always a direct indicator of how well they will follow the Constitution."

David Barton Finds Someone Dishonest Enough to Republish His Jefferson Lies

David Barton got his book of lies about Jefferson back into print again, thanks to the liars at World Net Daily, a match made in hell

David Barton Claims Conservatives Want to Know All the Facts Before They Speak

David Barton who invents fact like nobody else, claims conservatives like him don't open their mouths unless they know all the facts

Ben Carson’s Use of Fake Jefferson Quote Reveals His Distance from Founding Ideals

Ben Carson repeatedly used a quote he attributed to Thomas Jefferson to justify his gun position. Unfortunately for Carson, Jefferson said no such thing.

David Barton’s Appalling Lie that the Constitution Puts God’s Law Above Man’s Law

Barton says the Founding Fathers were all about God's law trumping man's. The problem is, the idea is nowhere found in the U.S. Constitution

David Barton Says Woman on $10 Bill Denigrates Entire Economic System

This is an attempt to erase our history, we are told by a conservative on a show hosted by a guy who makes his living re-writing our history

David Barton Rejects Retirement as a Pagan Concept

Were he being honest, or did his words bear an even passing resemblance to fact, I would say that I have never been more proud to be a Pagan

Michigan Republican Says Schools Should be a Ministry of the Church

When Pink Floyd sang that "we don't need no education," I don't think church ministries are what they had in mind.

Mike Huckabee Says He Has Magic Powers and Will Use Them to Kill You

Mike Huckabee thinks he can call down fire from heaven to smite his opponents, an act (phew!) in violation of the United States Constitution

David Barton Lies That Lawsuit Which Did Not Take Place Proves He Doesn’t Lie

David Barton tried to refute his long history of lying by falsely claiming a lawsuit which never took place proves his innocence

Why We Can’t Let Jeb Bush Pretend His Brother’s Wars Never Happened

Jeb doesn't realize how critical it is he convince us he is not his brother, because the more you listen to him, the more alike they sound

David Barton Disciple Joining U.S. House Next Year Vows Holy War on Nonbelievers

Barry Loudermilk says he will fight against people who think they have a right to ruin Christmas by not being Christians like everybody else

Midterm Madness – Meet the Latest Republican Crazies to Hold Office

Gordon Klingenschmitt brings his demonic obsessions to the Colorado State Senate and Michael Peroutka his neo-Confederate secessionism to Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Louie Gohmert Indulges in Fantasies About Gay Massages Rather than History

Gohmert says gay soldiers in ancient Greek just wanted massages, but Philip of Macedon, who fought them, knew the worthiness of the paired lovers of the Theban Sacred Band

Republicans Say Rainbow Flags Remind them of Nazi Flags – But Actual Nazi Flags Don’t

Mike Huckabee says he's tired of this. All I've got to say is that we're tired of it too, and that it's time for America to unfriend the Republican Party

Colorado Republican’s Claim that America Ended Slavery Voluntarily Steals Our History

Pamela Mazanec asks, "Shouldn't our students be provided that viewpoint? This is part of the argument that America is exceptional."