Trapped Rat Bill O’Reilly Completely Cracks Up As He Threatens New York Times Reporter

In an interview with the New York Times Monday evening, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly personally threatened a reporter over the paper's coverage of the controversy surrounding O'Reilly's claims that he was in a war zone when he covered protests in Buenos Aires in 1982.

Bill O’Reilly Scandal Grows As 8th Former Colleague Calls His War Coverage Claims Absurd

Yet another of Bill O'Reilly's former colleagues from CBS News disputes his active war zone claims. Even back then, his colleagues thought he was "grandstanding" and called his description of his reporting "absurd."

The Mainstream Media Sides With Fox News By Refusing To Investigate Bill O’Reilly’s War Lies

The media is doing their best to avoid examining Bill O'Reilly's claims that he was on the ground in combat in a war zone when he was actually in Buenos Aires.

Conservative Filmmaker’s Attempt To Prove Voter Fraud In Colorado Blows Up In His Face

Conservative activist and professional troublemaker James O'Keefe released another one of his 'blockbuster' stings Wednesday that supposedly showed voter fraud in action in Colorado.

The Iraq Invasion Could Be a Worse Foreign Policy Decision than the Vietnam War

This month, an article argued the Iraq War was the single worst foreign policy decision in US history. This may be more than just hyperbole.

Reaping the Harvest: Romney Confirms Bain Exists to Kill Jobs

A new video confirms that Bain was never in the business of creating jobs, but rather of pumping companies for every cent for the Bain investors before harvesting the targeted business.

Why Romney’s Redistribution Breitbarting of Obama is Destined to Fail

The Romney campaign has embraced an edited clip of Barack Obama from 1998 claiming to be in favor redistribution. Here's why this counterattack is destined to spectacularly fail.