Anointed Ted Cruz Complains President Obama Has a Messiah Complex

This is funny: Ted Cruz, who has been proclaimed messiah by his father, says that “for seven years, we’ve had a president in the White House who has had a messiah complex.”

What makes it more funny is that Cruz went on to David Brody Monday about what a messiah he is, that he is going to “bring this country back” and create “a spirit of revival” that’s “sweeping this country.” read more

Republicans Only Have Religious Freedom Because The Founders Created A Secular Nation

If these evangelicals in the Republican ranks had even the slightest clue how fortunate they are to live in a secular society they might rein in the perpetual sniping that their religious rights are being abridged by a secular government.

The Entire GOP Field for 2016 is as Tainted as a Bucket of Rotten Meat

We are already well on our way to becoming a 13th century-ish, Islamic State-like apparatus of repression

Republicans Say Stomachs Connect to Vaginas and that Cancer is a Fungus

Healthcare has a lot in common with the environment, with Republicans, who know nothing about either, eager to pass legislation regarding both

Bryan Fischer Fired, but Jews Still Lack First Amendment Rights, Says AFA

The GOP has tied itself to a hate group - the AFA - which insists America is for Chrisitans only and Jews don't have First Amendment rights

Michele Bachmann Gets Both Bible and Constitution Wrong in Her Final Speech

Bachmann said the Speaker of the House is under the authority of Moses, something that comes up neither in the Bible nor in the Constitution

RNC Allies with Christian Nationalist Who Calls U.S. Constitution “the Wrong Train”

David Lane, never mentioned by the MSM, is a big supporter of Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Mike Pence, and Ted Cruz

The Left Must Accept that Ted Cruz is the Dominionist Messiah

God is about to begin his "rule and reign" and the anointed Ted Cruz will oversee a big "end-time transfer of wealth."

Christian Nationalism Defines the Rhetoric of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

The tenets of Christian nationalism - control of the government for Jesus - is behind the political aspirations of Rand Paul and others

Rand Paul Represents the GOP Vision of an America That Was Never Meant to Be

Paul's vision of America has nothing to do with the United States Constitution and democracy and everything to do with the Bible and theocracy