David Petraeus

George W. Bush Reminds Americans Why He Was Failure and An Idiot

It is true, George W. Bush is hapless, but he is also an idiot for not recognizing his own failures…

8 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Angels With Dirty Faces

While you were sleeping Fox News and Dish Network Have Reached a Deal. This truce came after Fox News goes…

8 years ago

Republicans Lose Their Minds Over the Fact That the War in Afghanistan is Ending

The reaction from three Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee to the President's announcement that America's longest war was…

9 years ago

The Republicans Are Still Blaming Obama for Iraq and Afghanistan

it was not Obama who invaded Iraq on a fabricated pretext and with an army designed to fight not an…

9 years ago

Opposition to Chuck Hagel is No-Win Scenario for the GOP

There is no conceivable outcome in which GOP opposition to Chuck Hagel ends happily for Republicans

10 years ago

America is Christian Nation. If We Don’t Like it, We Should Get Out

Another one of the 24 percent tells the 76 percent to get out because America is THEIR country: white and…

11 years ago

Tell John Boehner to Remove National Security Threat Michele Bachmann from the Intelligence Committee

The nation cannot afford to have person of low intelligence and vindictive nature on the Intelligence Committee. John Boehner must…

11 years ago

Benghazi Gate Deflates as Republicans Abandon Fox and Grasp Reality

After General Petraeus very slowly explained to confused, befuddled Republicans what everyone in the world already knew, they saw the…

11 years ago

David Petraeus Debunks Right Wing Conspiracies about His Resignation and Benghazi

David Petraeus isn't speaking publicly, but he is setting the record straight. Petraeus debunked the right wing conspiracy theories in…

11 years ago

GOP Dreams of David Petraeus for President Crash and Burn After Affair Revelations

Gen. David Patraeus abruptly resigned from his position as CIA Director citing poor judgment and an extramarital affair. Thus, another…

11 years ago

Paul Ryan Pours Gas on Middle East Unrest at the Values Voter Summit

Ryan poured gasoline on the fire today and then, like a little boy dropping the pyro's match and running, disingenuously…

11 years ago

Crazy vs Evil: Massa Claims Cheney is plotting Coup against Obama

Disgraced former Congressman Eric Massa, of the infamous Glenn Beck interview, is back again with a new charge that Dick…

13 years ago