Dean Heller

Nevada Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Already a Skilled Liar, Refuses to Acknowledge Biden is the President

Nevada Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Already a Skilled Liar, Refuses to Acknowledge Biden is the President

Dean Heller, a GOP candidate who is running in Nevada's gubernatorial race, refused to acknowledge that President Joe Biden is,…

3 years ago

Stunning Nevada Early Voting Turnout May Help Democrats Win the Senate

The battle for the U.S. Senate may come down to Nevada where the race between Senate candidates Dean Heller and…

6 years ago

New Version Of Trumpcare On Its Deathbed As Key GOP Governor Slams The Revised Legislation

If Sandoval is against the revised legislation, it's likely that Sen. Dean Heller will also oppose it, which could spell…

7 years ago

All Hell Breaks Loose On Healthcare As Pence Allied PAC Launches Massive Ad Attack On Dean Heller

The super PAC that Vice President Mike Pence is allied with is getting ready to launch a seven-figure attack ad…

7 years ago

Trumpcare Looks Dead As 3rd GOP Senator Says He Will Vote Against The Bill

Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) has announced that he will vote against the Republican health care bill. Heller is the third…

7 years ago

Republican Senators Are Freaking Out Because A Bill From Boehner’s House Might Shut Down The Government

A handful of key Republican Senators are side-eying the plan House Republicans put forth on Friday in yet another effort…

9 years ago

Some Despicable Republicans Knew That Cliven Bundy Is a Racist

It is bad enough Republicans and conservative media actively supported Bundy for trespassing on federal land and bilking taxpayers out…

10 years ago

GOP Senator Dean Heller Says Ted Cruz Is Wrong To Filibuster Clean Debt Ceiling Bill

On Tuesday night's episode of CNN's Crossfire, Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) stated that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is wrong in…

10 years ago

Callous Republican Senators Kill Unemployment Benefits Extension

GOP Senators voted almost unanimously to block a three month extension on benefits for the long term unemployed.

10 years ago

Do LGBTQ Republicans Suffer from Cognitive Dissonance?

Why do the gays and lesbians from Log Cabin endorse ENDA and vote Republican? Isn't the GOP the same party…

11 years ago

Background Checks Are Back: Reid Says Only 3 More Republicans Needed to Pass

Senate Democrats are bullish on background check legislation, they only need 3 more Republicans. There are 4 Republicans being targeted…

11 years ago

Weapons of Mass Democracy Destruction: Gun PAC Money and the NRA Scorecard

You can follow the gun PAC money, but it doesn't tell the whole tale. When the NRA says they're 'scoring'…

11 years ago