death panels

GOP Official Is Booed For Trying To Bring Death Panel Lie Back To Life

The American people are sick of the Republican Party's lies on Obamacare.

6 years ago

Fox News Deploys The Scud Dud Sarah Palin to Stop Obamacare

Things have gotten to such a low point in the Republican effort to stop Obamacare that Fox News dug up…

9 years ago

Republican Refusal to Fix the Sequester Has Created a Death Panel For the Poor

Republicans have assumed the power of life and death over Americans in need of basic sustenance, shelter, and healthcare.

10 years ago

A Depressed Fox News Revives Sarah Palin’s Pathetic Death Panel Lies

Dear Fox News, 2009 called and said they want their pathetic and stale Sarah Palin death panel talking point back.

11 years ago

Conservative Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists Create Death Panels By Abusing Conscience Clause

Regardless of how a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist feels about homosexuality, or pregnant women, their religious beliefs or bigotry does…

11 years ago