Newt Gingrich Denounces RNC Obama-Blago Ad

Image.Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich published a letter to RNC Chairman Mike Duncan on his website that denounced a recent video by the RNC which attempts to link president elect Obama to the soon to be impeached Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. Gingrich said Republicans need to focus on solutions, not negative attacks.

Here is the RNC video titled Questions Remain:

A Very Canadian Coup

ImageShadowy rooms with figures slipping in and out. Whispered words, plots, conspiracies.

A government at the side, eyes glancing, warnings being exchanged between members.

The government is at risk of falling; their adversaries are beginning to grumble louder and louder...El Presidenté might be deposed in short notice.

Extra! Extra! Obama linked to Satan himself.

ImageThe news just came in. Obama served on an institution that not only included war criminals, but aided, abetted and protected war criminals.

We're talking an institution more responsible for undermining democracy that ACORN, responsible for more bombings than 1000 incarnations of the Weathermen and with dozens of members more corrupt than Rezko ever was.

Only God Can Remove Me: The Mugabe Quandary

ImageThe White man in Africa was once seen as the quintessential symbol of tyranny and oppression. Having swarmed the once-named "Dark Continent" over a century ago, plundering its riches and destroying its people along the way, Africa underwent tremendous suffering at the hands of various European taskmasters.