Donald and Ivanka Trump Gave Thousands to Kamala Harris Campaigns in 2010s

Donald Trump has only been a Republican for a few short years. Prior to that, the current President was a…

2 days ago

Trump Campaign Is Blowing Ad Money in Areas He Has No Chance of Winning

Donald Trump won the 2016 election by the thinnest of margins. The places that put him over the top, Michigan,…

1 week ago

Barack Obama Backs 118 Candidates in Huge Slate of Endorsements

Barack Obama has endorsed a huge number of candidates in upcoming elections across the country. The former president publicly backed…

1 week ago

House Committees Urge Defense Department IG to Investigate Political Retaliation Against Alexander Vindman

Two major congressional committees have called on the Department of Defense Inspector General to investigate political retaliation against impeachment witness…

3 weeks ago

Trump: Coronavirus Testing Is “The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened” for Democrats

Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that Covid-19 testing is benefiting his political opponents. The President has repeatedly made false claims…

1 month ago

Kevin McCarthy Wants to Withhold Money from States That Don’t Protect Statues

Kevin McCarthy wants to withhold federal funds from any state that does not protect statues from protesters. The Republican will…

1 month ago

John Bolton Blames Democrats for Botching Impeachment Despite Refusing to Testify

John Bolton has blamed Democrats for botching the impeachment process despite his own refusal to testify. The former National Security…

2 months ago

Democrats United In Disgust at Trump: He Wants “Protesters to Be Shot on Sight”

Democrats have shown a united front in their response to Donald Trump's tweet about shooting protesters in Minneapolis. The President…

3 months ago

Trump Complains He Can’t “Satisfy the Fake News” Despite Doing “The Greatest Job” in History

President Donald Trump can't seem to please the media no matter how good a job he does, at least according…

3 months ago

Kamala Harris’ New Video Fuels Running Mate Speculation

Senator Kamala Harris' new video has led to speculation she's auditioning for vice president. Joe Biden has said he will…

4 months ago

Democrats Condemn Trump’s Immigration Ban as ‘Pathetic’ and ‘Xenophobia’

Democrats have united to condemn the President's ban on immigration. Donald Trump announced an apparent halt to all immigration into…

4 months ago

Trump Tweets Congress Was Distracted From COVID-19 By Impeachment, But Dems Requested Emergency Funding During The Trial

Citing words from an influential businessman, Trump suggested on Sunday afternoon that the poor response to coronavirus in the United…

4 months ago

Nancy Pelosi on Tackling Coronavirus: ‘Science Is an Answer to Our Prayers’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has said the nation's response to the Coronavirus must be led by science. The…

5 months ago

Trump Melts Down And Says Democrats Are Going To Kill Him On Healthcare

Trump exploded and complained during a campaign meeting that Democrats are going to kill him on healthcare in the 2020…

7 months ago

Trump Melts Down And Threatens Democrats On Impeachment Eve

Trump sent out a whiny impeachment eve tweet complaining that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding House Democrats together to vote…

8 months ago

Trump Melts Down And Claims Impeachment Has United America Against Democrats

Donald Trump has constructed a fantasy that he has united America and that impeachment has turned the country against Democrats.

9 months ago

Democrats Show Trump They’re Not Screwing Around On Impeachment

Rep. Eric Swalwell said that Democrats aren't screwing around with Donald Trump and his bogus executive privilege claims on impeachment.

10 months ago

Why Democrats Must Make Trump Economy Key Issue in 2020

Recently Republican Congressman Sean Duffy from Wisconsin, in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, framed the looming prospect of Donald…

1 year ago

House Democrats Begin Fight to See Mueller’s ‘Critical’ Evidence

A battle is brewing between Democrats in Congress and Attorney General William Barr over access to grand jury testimony, which…

1 year ago

Democrats and Republicans Begin Nasty Fight Over Mueller’s Report

Things are getting nasty in Washington, DC. After special counsel Robert Mueller gave his final report to Attorney General William…

1 year ago

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