Senate Democrats Betray Both Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama

Senator Sanders stood up for Americans against Republicans, and true to form, only two Democrats stood with him. If Democrats were truly outraged with the tax cut deal, they would have been in attendance and at least given Bernie toilet breaks. But being the frightened, fractured group they are, Democrats ran from the fight. Now we can just wait for them to turn on Senator Sanders for not filibustering long and hard enough. It is what frightened cowards do.

Where’s the Tea Party When You Need Them?

The left and the left of left are at each other’s throats, locked in a battle of high minded principles versus bread and butter pragmatism. Divided over whether President Obama is a skilled negotiator who had to make a bad deal in order to protect the unemployed and the middle class, or a weak leader who caved in to hostage takers. If there was ever a time when we could use a common enemy, it’s now. Oh sure, Sarah Palin is still out there, fluttering and twittering around. But with her book sales flagging and her reality show ratings down, she just isn’t the polarizing figure we need right now.