Department of Education

Biden Administration Will Overhaul Title IX Rules, Scrap Trump-Era Revisions

The Biden administration will overhaul Title IX rules regarding sexual assault cases on college campuses, according to a letter released…

7 months ago

Dem. Congressman Jared Huffman Destroys Betsy DeVos in Brutal Tweet

A lot of Donald Trump's cabinet members have been objects of ridicule. Oreo Cookies made fun of Ben Carson after…

11 months ago

Betsy DeVos is Encouraging Staffers to be “The Resistance” Against Biden Administration

Donald Trump's cabinet was filled with unqualified an incompetent people. But no one in Donald Trump's cabinet was as unqualified…

11 months ago

DeVos Sued by 19 Attorneys General for Overturning Rule Protecting Students from Predatory Schools

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been sued by 19 attorneys general for overturning a rule that protected students from…

1 year ago

Betsy DeVos Is Proposing New Rules to Protect Accused Rapists

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is in the process of writing new rules to expand protections for both students and…

3 years ago

Bernie Sanders Demands Congress Fight Betsy DeVos’ Attack On Sexual Assault Victims

"This decision does a disservice to those who have worked hard to address sexual violence. Congress must now act to…

4 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Obliterates Trump For Rolling Back Obama-Era Student Debt Relief Rules

The two rules being reworked by the administration help protect students from shady lending behavior and assist them in finding…

4 years ago

Opinion: Trump’s Ed. Secretary DeVos Made It Harder To Repay Student Loans

Betsy DeVos eliminated President Obama's policies to make student loan repayment easier and to prevent student loan recipients from defaulting.

5 years ago

New York Will Ignore Trump’s Assault On LGBTQ Rights And Protect Transgender Students

The Trump administration abandoned Obama-era LGBTQ protections. New York wasn't having it.

5 years ago

Republican Senator Torn To Shreds At Town Hall Over His Support For Betsy DeVos

Republicans are learning that they can't defend the indefensible.

5 years ago

Trump Administration Takes Ax To Obama-Era Protections For Transgender Students

It's just the latest move in Donald Trump's quest to turn back the clock on civil rights in America.

5 years ago

Trump Education Pick Crumbles After Being Confronted About $200 Million In GOP Donations

"Do you think ... if your family has not made hundreds of millions of dollars of contributions to the Republican…

5 years ago

Trump Picks Head Of Education Department After Promising To Eliminate It During Campaign

In one choice, Trump managed to abandon yet another campaign promise, while upsetting teachers unions and his most loyal supporters.

5 years ago

Texas AG Paxton Lies Explaining Lawsuit Over School Toilet Access

There have been more criminal charges filed against Paxton than there have been cases, zero in fact, of transgender people…

5 years ago

President Obama Gives Relief To Social Security Recipients Drowning in Student Debt

"It is appalling that Social Security support is being skimmed to feed into an out-of-control student debt machine."

6 years ago

Ben Carson Vows to Punish Liberal Colleges if Elected President

Carson wants to punish liberal colleges for teaching things he doesn't approve of - "extreme political bias" - otherwise known…

6 years ago

President Obama Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results?

If there is one thing Republicans and the Obama Administration love more than pandering to Wall Street, it is the…

6 years ago

Desperate Rand Paul Morphs Into Defense Hawk, Proposes Increase Military Spending

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul introduced a budget amendment to increase military spending by 190 billion dollars over the next two…

7 years ago

More Shame – Over Half Of Public School Students Live In Poverty

Instead of any real measures or support to address the crushing income disparity between the 1% and the rest of…

7 years ago

Inconvenient Truth: America’s Public Schools Are Among Highest Achieving In The World

If, as privatization "reformers" in Republican, corporate, and Obama Education Department claim that America's public schools are dire failures, then…

7 years ago

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