Trump’s Own DOJ Finds No Link to Antifa In Protests

The Justice Department has issued a report showing no link to Antifa, an organization that doesn’t exist, at protests following the killing of George Floyd.

After NPR reviewed court documents for 51 individuals who are facing federal charges related to the demonstrations, they found none with any connections to the Antifa––or antifascist––movement. Of those 51 cases, 20 involve allegations relating to arson, 16 involve allegations relating to illegal possession of a firearm, and eight involve inciting a riot. read more

Morning Joe Blasts Trump and DOJ for Silence Over Terror Plot

Morning Joe and Mika

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough expressed outrage this morning over the deafening silence from Donald Trump and his Department of Justice (DOJ) over a U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant’s alleged plot to kill prominent Democrats and journalists — including the “Morning Joe” host himself. read more

Sessions Turns Previously Independent DOJ Into White House Surrogate

Several events, ranging from the House passage of several anti-immigration laws and Jeff Sessions’ partnership with Kris Kobach to suppressing the vote nationwide, mean the Sessions DOJ is just a White House Surrogate. read more

Jeff Sessions Makes An Unbelievable Promise to Protect Civil Rights For All Communities

On Thursday, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions told Federal Prosecutors he is committed to prosecuting hate crimes. Why don’t I believe him?

During Sessions’ speech he pledged “to protect the civil rights of all Americans — and we will not tolerate the targeting of any community in our country” I feel so much better about the rise in hate crimes since the election. No, I don’t. It’s because the evidence contradicts his words. The context is in reference to a successful prosecution of a hate crime in Mississippi where a transgender woman was murdered. read more

Jeff SessionsTells Top Prosecutors: Hold Off on Doing Justice

Prosecutors have discretion to low-ball charges as justice requires, and are ethically bound to do so. Sessions says to throw the book at suspects instead. This is bad for decent-minded prosecutors and corrodes public trust in government.

Harry Reid Applauds DOJ Plan to Address GOP Neglected Police Brutality

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid applauded the Department of Justice’s plan, announced on Thursday, to address police brutality. Also, Reid reminded us that Republicans continue to close their eyes to this deadly issue.

Texas AG Paxton Lies Explaining Lawsuit Over School Toilet Access

There have been more criminal charges filed against Paxton than there have been cases, zero in fact, of transgender people entering restrooms to commit assaults.