Debate makes Clear: Public Education, the Public Good itself, Hang in the Balance in 2020

When asked about his approach to education in last Thursday’s Democratic primary debate, Pete Buttigieg’s response boiled down the difference between his approach and Donald Trump’s to its most  basic element.  “Step one,” he said, would be to “appoint a secretary of education who actually believes in public education.” read more

Meet The Right Wing Extremist To Whom Trump Wants To Give A Key Department Of Labor Job

Meet Curtis Ellis, a right-wing extremist on par with Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn, who accused Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of conspiring to achieve ethnic cleansing of white working people. He is reported to be a Trump finalist for a U.S. Department of Labor international affairs job.

Trump’s Pick For Labor Secretary Hired An Undocumented Immigrant To Clean His House

Andrew Puzder

For someone vying to head the U.S. Department of Labor, Puzder certainly has a lot of problems in his own personal labor department.

People for the American Way Condemn Choice of Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary

Donald Trump taxes

"He objectifies women in his ads, the Labor Department found that his restaurants mistreated employees, and he’s faced troubling allegations of domestic abuse."

No American Is Safe from Trump’s Wrecking Crew Cabinet 

Trump’s choices are unqualified, but they were chosen for their desire to eradicate federal agencies, not their level of competence or expertise.

Obama Recovery In Full Swing As Unemployment Fell In Every One Of The 50 States Last Year

Every U.S. state and the District of Columbia, saw their unemployment rate drop from 2013 to 2014.

A Stroke Of Obama’s Pen Will Lift 10.4 Million Workers Into the Middle Class

If the President simply adjusted the salary threshold for inflation since it was last raised in 1975, it would be a more significant income increase for over 10 million low and low middle-class American workers that raising the hourly wage to $15 per hour for the rest of the poverty-wage workforce.

Judge Rules America’s Fastest Growing Industry Is Exempt From Minimum Wage Law

While the Labor Department's rule change was meant to protect worker's rights, the Judge protected Home Care Associates, the International Franchise Association, and the National Association for Home Care & Hospice rights to make bigger profits. The rapidly-growing industry's leaders convinced the judge that paying the minimum wage, and the outrageous idea of overtime pay, was an abomination and would have a "destabilizing impact" on the nation's fastest-growing industry.

Obama Has Best Job Creation Streak Since 1939 So Republicans Vow To Return To Bush

In Republican vernacular, returning to the "old ways" is "taking our country back;" but back to what? If the subject is the economy, it is back to Bush-era economic policies that are wildly popular with conservative mainstream media, but still not austere and severe enough for the Koch brothers.

Here’s More Great Economic News For Democrats To Hammer Republicans With

There has been relative silence on two new economic reports that put a stake in the economic agenda Republicans are frothing at the mouth to enact should they win control of Congress.

President Obama Shows Republicans What Real Family Values Are All About

President Obama fired up the crowd today at the Working Families Summit in DC to advocate support and flexibility for working families. You know, real family values.

Republicans Bring Back Child Labor On Tobacco Farms In The South

it was left to Human Rights Watch (HRW) to push the federal government to take steps to protect children working on tobacco farms in states such as North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

John Boehner and Eric Cantor Respond to Economic Good News By Planning to Kill More Jobs

It was a certainty that Republicans would use the recent good news on the economy, both GDP growth and job numbers, as a reason to find new ways to thwart the recovering economy and kill more jobs.

Maine GOP Gov Accused of Rigging Jobless Benefit Hearings for Employers

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage is accused of pressuring employees at the Dept. of Labor to decide unemployment-benefit cases in favor of business owners over workers.

Main Street: President Obama’s Plan to Build the Economy from the Middle Out

With consumer confidence at a 5 year high, the President's plans to build the economy from the middle out are working. Here's the proof.