Detroit Public Schools

Snyder Sent Flint Emergency Manager To Poison Detroit School Children

The poisoning of Flint's school children is what is expected when Republicans abolish democracy to provide more money for the…

7 years ago

Governor Snyder’s Plan To Erase Public Education In Detroit

Here in Detroit, the worst of what many of us have long suspected about Gov. Snyder's intentions toward our city…

8 years ago

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Stuck On Repeat

Gov. Snyder has no intention of allowing the people of Detroit any say-so when it comes to Detroit Public Schools.

8 years ago

Democracy Returns To Detroit…Or Does It?

On Thursday evening, September 25, democracy was permitted to return to Detroit when City Council members voted unanimously to restore…

8 years ago

Michigan’s Education Achievement Authority Lights the Way Toward Abolishing Public Education

Michigan Gov. Snyder's Education Achievement Authority has been created for the sole purpose of establishing a workable model demonstrating how…

10 years ago

Tears of Joy as Emergency Manager Is Leaving Detroit Public Schools

The Detroit Public Schools emergency manager has announced his all-too-welcome decision to GTFO and step down in a couple weeks.

10 years ago

Democracy Thief Rick Snyder is Struggling to Find an Emergency Manager for Detroit

It seems Gov. Rick Snyder is having a bit of difficulty finding anyone who wants the job of becoming the…

10 years ago

Michigan Shows Us How Republicans Plan to Get Revenge for 2012 Loss

if you want to get an idea of what is written in the post Election 2012 Koch Brothers Playbook (aka…

10 years ago