‘It’s a Mess’ — GOP Senators Panic Over Trump’s DHS Purge

Donald Trump has spent the last few days engaged in one of his favorite activities: firing people. And the net result is that he has decimated the Department of Homeland Security.

The president seems to be in a controlled rage, having now let go DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) director Lee Cissna, Undersecretary for Management Claire Grady, and General Counsel John Mitnick. And on top of that he also got rid of the highly respected Secret Service director, Randolph “Tex” Alles. read more

Mika Trashes DHS Sec. Nielsen: ‘She acted like a hapless robot’

Mika and Joe Discuss DHS

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski was not impressed with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen‘s testimony before Congress yesterday.

The Morning Joe co-host not only criticized Nielsen but also said  “she’s become the face of the Trump administration’s abuse of children at the border.” read more

Report: Homeland Security Ignores Domestic White Terrorism

Many U.S. law enforcement and security officials now believe that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has its priorities wrong. According to these highly-experienced professionals DHS resources are being wasted on the so-called “threat” posed to our southern border by the caravan of poor refugees making its way north through Mexico from Central America. read more

DHS Says Says Russia Isn’t Targeting 2018 Midterms Like 2016

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirtsjen Nielsen has been in the hot seat for several months as she has been caught in the middle of Donald Trump’s immigration battles.

In May we reported that Nielsen considered resigning after her boss severely admonished her in front of his entire cabinet for failing to stop illegal border crossings. read more

Trump Will Soon Separate Over 200,000 Children From Their Parents

President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy which resulted in several thousand migrant children being separated from their families has caused an international outcry and a political backlash within the United States.  And despite Trump’s executive order reversing the policy of separating migrant families, most of the children have not been reunited with their parents. In fact, it is possible that some children may never be reunited. read more

Nearly 20 ICE Special Agents Ask Nielsen to Eliminate ICE

Before the recent controversies over Donald Trump’s zero tolerance and family separation policies at the U.S. border, most Americans had never heard of an agency called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Now, however, ICE is well known and quite notorious, and is being blamed for implementing Trump’s draconian immigration policies. read more

Immigration Activists Protest At the Home of Fascist Trump Adviser Stephen Miller

Presidential adviser Stephen Miller, the most hard-line advocate for stricter immigration laws in the Trump administration, was with the president at a campaign rally in South Carolina last night.  While he was gone a group of demonstrators went to his Washington home anyway to make their feelings known about his right-wing immigration policies. read more

Immigration Judge Explodes: Parents ‘Get Nothing, Not Even a Slip of Paper’

A public defense attorney who is handling immigration cases in Texas said the government prosecutors have no answers for parents separated from their children at the border, and no answers for judges presiding over the cases either. read more

After Trump’s Executive Order, What Happens Next With Children At the Border?

Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and Kirstjen Nielsen have often said that “the law” requires that undocumented children be separated from their parents a the U.S.-Mexico border, but there is no law that requires that. read more

DHS May Require “Certain” Visitors To Disclose Passwords, Lists of Visited Websites

He went on to say it is possible residents of those countries could be required to provide the information so officials can “get on those websites to see what they’re looking at.

Opinion: Lock Him Up – Virginia Seeks Contempt of Court Charge Against Trump

"When federal judges rule, government officials – up to and including the president – are supposed to obey or risk being held in contempt of court.”

Trump’s Homeland Security Prospect Portends a Real Constitutional Crisis

About a million people should be scooped up, “charged with treason, and under habeas corpus, detain them indefinitely at Gitmo.”

New Report Reveals GOP-Aligned Extremists Are The Greatest Threat To Americans

There is hardly a bigger motivator than fear, and it is a fact not lost on Republicans who prey on Americans’ fear of all things not conservative, but especially those foreign “extremists.” Of course, some Americans are acutely aware that the biggest threat to their safety, and the nation, is from American extremists in the white supremacist, anti-government, and fanatical Christian movements. Whether it was the white supremacist who massacred nine African Americans in church, several predominately Black churches set on fire across the South, or armed militias seeking to start a war against the United States government, most people comprehend that homegrown extremists pose the greatest threat to America. read more

Top Dem Slams Republicans for Endangering the American People by Forcing DHS To Shut Down

Only four legislative days left. Tick tock. Nancy Pelosi called on Republicans to honor their sacred oath to protect the American people.

Homeland Security Urges Obama To Veto Republican Passed Funding Bill

obama veto 40 hour work week

Not only is Secretary Jeh C. Johnson urging President Obama to veto the GOP bill due to the amendments, but he forcefully condemned the Republican attempts to turn the agency into a "political volleyball."

The Unhinged Conservative Reaction to Obama’s Foreign Policy Speech at West Point

Diplomacy may not be as profitable as war (Cheney's Haliburton made $39.5 billion off the Iraq war alone), but our lives should not be seen as playthings of the 1 percent