Dick Cheney

The Bush Presidential Library, Museum and Think Tank. Think Tank?

Thursday marks the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, not to mention a think tank. What…

9 years ago

War Criminal Dick Cheney Warns Republicans They’re In Deep Doo-Doo On N. Korea

Wearing a cowboy hat, your former Vice President Dick Cheney warned Republicans that we are in deep 'doo-doo' on North…

9 years ago

80 Republicans Sign Supreme Court Brief in Support of Marriage Equality

More than 80 Republicans have signed a brief which will be submitted to the Supreme Court in support of Marriage…

9 years ago

Why Fashion Designers are the Last Line of Defense Against the Gun Obsessed

It's clear that there will be no effective gun legislation passed as long as the House remains in Republican hands,…

9 years ago

Trying to Distract from His Own 9/11 Failures, Dick Cheney Whines About Obama

Dick Cheney is desperately trying to distract from the new NYT evidence against Bush ignoring 9/11 intel by falsely accusing…

10 years ago

War Criminal Dick Cheney Calls President Obama Un-American

On Fox News, former vice president Dick Cheney claimed that President Obama doesn't believe in things that Americans believe in,…

10 years ago

Cheney Reminds Voters Why Romney is Another Palin by Calling Palin a Mistake

Cheney based his assessment of Palin not being ready based on her short time as Governor, ignoring that Romney basically…

10 years ago

Says the GOP Proverb, Dickishness is Next to Thuggishness

Republicans Allen West and Grover Norquist have proved an old truth of totalitarianism, that dickishness is next to thuggishness

10 years ago

The Poison Pen of Right-Wing Newspapers: Half-Truths and No Truths

A misleading headline about Harry Reid provides the perfect demonstration of just how far right wing newspapers or conservative editors…

10 years ago

Ralph Reed Seeks Resurrection as Republican Kingmaker

While so many Republicans rush toward self-martyrdom, one, Ralph Reed, is headed in the other direction – toward resurrection in…

11 years ago

Keith Olbermann Whines and Undermines Obama’s Oil Spill Address

Instead of gearing up to support the POTUS in his rather courageous announcement that we are addicts and need to…

12 years ago

Dick Cheney’s Deregulation to Blame for “Obama’s Katrina”

The evidence is in: Halliburton, Dick Cheney, secret energy task force meetings and massive Republican deregulation has once again led…

12 years ago