New Progressive Pope Embraces Old Conservative Vatican Bigotry

What the so-called more "Christ-like" Pope has not done is rescind any of the Church's archaic moral policies his predecessors kept in place and apparently Francis has no intention of changing them anytime soon; regardless of his Fox-created "friendlier pope" public relations image.

Republican And Netanyahu Bloodlust Drives Nuclear Deal Criticism

The neo-con's solution has been fulfilling Netanyahu's twenty-three year campaign for Americans to die in a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran primarily because Israel wants to be the only Middle East nation with an American-provided nuclear arsenal.

John Bolton Was Wrong About Iraq WMDs But Says Trust him on Iran Nukes

John Bolton's New York Times op-ed exposes not only Bolton's flawed thinking but the Times' tendency to ape Fox News

New York Times Editorial Board Slams Netanyahu For Using Racism To Win Israeli Election

netanyahu address to congress

Shortly after it became apparent that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party had survived a close election and would retain power over the nation's government, the New York Times released a scathing editorial criticizing Netanyahu for going ugly and utilizing racism and anti-Palestine sentiment to energize far-right Israeli voters.

General Accuses Tom Cotton and 46 Other Republican Senators Of Mutiny

Major Gen. Paul D. Eaton stopped short of calling Cotton and 46 Republicans traitors. As a career military man Eaton used the appropriate label for Cotton's lack of ethics and knowledge of his place as a congressional representative.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Schools GOP Traitors on Constitution and International Law

The Iranian may know the Constitution and international law better than the treasonous 47, but it seems he does not understand that in America, Republicans are not bound to any law; domestic or international.

Israeli Ambassador Jokes About Working To Undermine President Obama

Netanyahu's Ambassador Ron Dermer figured Super Bowl Sunday was a great day to kick sand in the President's face by tweeting "Breaking Protocol, Choosing Sides: Go Patriots.

Democrats Slam Boehner for Using Netanyahu To Undermine President Obama

House Democrats accused Speaker Boehner of undermining the President's foreign policy and inviting a foreign leader to influence United States policy.

Time To Prosecute House Speaker John Boehner For Violating Federal Law

Like every common criminal, or once-convicted felon, who continues to escape punishment for violating the law, Boehner continues his unethical, and now illegal, behavior because he truly believes he IS above the law. It is time to disabuse Boehner of that belief and restore the American people's faith in the nation's justice system.

Obama to cut short India trip to pay call on Saudi Arabia

President Barack Obama will shorten his trip to India and divert to Saudi Arabia, paying respects after the death of King Abdullah and meeting with the oil-rich nation's new monarch, the White House said Saturday.

Republicans’ Allegiance Is to Israel; Not America

It is obvious now that America is not in an 'official war,' Republicans need a fear-mongering diatribe from Netanyahu on the pressing necessity for anything to draw America into another Middle East war

Sen. Marco Rubio Leads Predictable Republican Whinefest Over Obama’s New Cuba Policy

After President Obama announced a new policy shift with Cuba Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) led the predictable Republican outrage. Specifically, Rubio called Obama a weak negotiator and said Congress will not lift the embargo.

John McCain Bangs the War Drums While Calling Obama ‘Most Naive President In History’

During an interview with Arizona radio station KFYI on Thursday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) called President Obama 'the most naive president in history'

Jon Stewart Slams Congress By Calling Them the Justin Bieber of Government

On Wednesday's edition of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart brilliantly intertwined two stories that, on the surface, have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Senate Hypocrites Ignore Our Needs at Home But Help Israel Push For War With Iran

Republicans can hardly be bothered to do much in the way of meaningful legislation, and yet they find time to come up with a bill that does nothing except elevate the danger of another war.

Republicans Show That They Abhor Peace by Criticizing Nuclear Deal With Iran

What the American people are reminded of with the warmonger's criticism of diplomatic efforts is that Republicans abhor peace nearly as much as they love killing jobs.

Republicans Have Made America Into a Global Laughingstock With Their Government Shutdown

It is a sad commentary indeed that a group of anti-government terrorists have, in two years brought shame on a global leader like America because they cannot accept the results of an election.

GOP Senator Does a Hypocritical Flip Flop on Iran Sanctions to Oppose Hagel

Republicans will do anything to block Chuck Hagel's appointment as Defense Secretary, including praising Obama's sanctions against Iran.

Opposition to Chuck Hagel is a No-Win Scenario for the GOP

There is no conceivable outcome in which GOP opposition to Chuck Hagel ends happily for Republicans

Glenn Beck’s Philosophical Belch – Agenda 21

Glenn Beck takes the new Egyptian Constitution as an opportunity to push his UN conspiracy and to predict a US dictator within 5 years