Mitch McConnell Tells Unemployed Kentuckians It’s Not His Job To Bring Jobs to Kentucky

Mitch McConnell's suicide mission of a reelection campaign continues to get worse. At an appearance back home in Kentucky, Sen. McConnell said that it is not his job to bring jobs to the state.

Mitch Ditched: 10 Polls Show McConnell Tied or Trailing Democrat Alison Grimes

Mitch McConnell is in serious danger of losing his Senate seat. The Republican leaning Rasmussen poll became the tenth poll to show Mitch McConnell either tied with, or trailing Democrat Alison Grimes.

Mitch Ditched: McConnell Trails Democrat Alison Grimes In New Poll

For possibly the first time in his career, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell is trailing in a poll. Democrat Alison Grimes leads McConnell 45-44%, but the poll contains a boatload of bad news for Mitch.