DNC Catches Russia Red Handed Trying To Hack Their Voter Database

The DNC called the FBI after a sophisticated hacking attempt where some foreign actor, a.k.a Russia tried to gain access to their voter database.

Former DNC Head Considered Emergency Biden-Booker Ticket In 2016 After Clinton Fainted

The new revelation may seem like a bombshell, but the idea reportedly didn't gain traction anywhere other than Brazile's head.

Democrats Turn The Harvey Weinstein Scandal Into The Ultimate Trump Dis

Democrats have not only announced that they will be donating Harvey Weinstein's donations to women's charities, but they also turned the moment into a slam on Trump for disrespecting women.

DNC Says Republicans Are Returning to Days of Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay

"By crippling the OCE, House Republicans are signaling a return to the days...when Republican corruption in Congress ran rampant."

Howard Dean Jumps Into DNC Chair Race, Calls For Revival Of 50-State Strategy

Howard Dean

Dean says he knows how to make the Democratic Party competitive going forward.

Democrats Go On Offense In Red States After Hillary Clinton Raises Big Money For Party

Democrats are going on offense in three red states, while Hillary Clinton is raising huge sums of money for Democratic Party organizations.

Donald Trump Is In Meltdown Mode After Successful Democratic Convention

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton DNC RNC

After four successful days in Philadelphia, you'd be hard-pressed to find a Democrat in America that isn't feeling proud and motivated. Trump's angry, post-DNC meltdown gives them another reason to smile.

Mike Pence Says It’s Not Nice to Name-Call “Extremely considerate and kind” Donald Trump

Pence said “I don’t think name calling has any place in public life” - unless it's Trump talking about "Crooked Hillary" or "Crazy Bernie"

Hillary Clinton Quotes Jackie Kennedy to Slay Little Man Donald Trump

Quoting Jackie Kennedy, Clinton reminded Americans why Donald Trump is so dangerous, saying, "war might be started not so much by big men as by the little ones... moved more by fear and pride."

Chelsea Clinton Reveals The Personal Side Of Hillary Clinton In Mother’s Introduction

Chelsea Clinton DNC

"How does she do it? How does she keep going amid the sound and the fury of politics?" Chelsea Clinton asked. "It's because she never, ever forgets who she's fighting for."

Parents Of Muslim American War Hero Give Donald Trump A Lesson In American Values

Muslim family soldier

They've had enough of Donald Trump telling them they don't belong here.

Jennifer Granholm Absolutely Obliterates Donald Trump And Republicans

In this year's speech, she obliterated last week's Republican National Convention and hit Donald Trump for his obsession with himself.

Nancy Pelosi Vows to Fight to Restore the Democratic Majority in Congress

Leader Pelosi vowed to fight to restore the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, "We will fight to restore Democratic majorities in the Senate and the House, and I tell you this: We can do it."

Republicans Fall Apart and Blame The Media As Americans Flock To Dem Convention

Donald Trump Saddam Hussein

Republicans whined about liberal media bias after their reality TV show star turned out a network dud of a convention.

The Republican Party Has Gone From Wrapping Itself In The Flag To Wrapping Itself In Trump

Donald Trump negative RNC

Gone are the days of Republicans describing the United States as a "shining city on a hill" or calling for a "kinder, gentler nation." They've traded it all away for Trump – now they must own it.

Tim Kaine Accepts VP Nomination And Does A Devastating Donald Trump Impression

"Trump has a passion, too," Kaine said. "Himself."

Joe Biden Tore The Roof Off The Democratic National Convention And Took Trump Down With It

Joe Biden, DNC

"No major party nominee in the history of this nation has ever known less or has been less prepared."

Gabby Giffords Has No Difficulty Saying These Two Words: ‘Madam President’

Gabby Giffords, Hillary Clinton guns

After suffering life-altering injuries in a 2011 shooting, Gabby Giffords has had difficulty speaking. On Wednesday she had no problem declaring her support for Hillary Clinton.