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WATCH: CNN’s Elie Honig Says That the Evidence Against Trump Ally and 2017 Inauguration Chairman Tom Barrack is Overwhelming.

There are many people in Donald Trump‘s orbit that are now facing legal trouble. The CFO of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, was recently arrested. And Rudy Giuliani, the former president’s friend and sometimes lawyer has his New York City apartment searched. Today, Tom Barrack, a Trump fundraiser who headed up the 2017 inauguration fund…


Whistleblower Triggers A Bribery Bomb Heading Straight For Trump

Whistleblower Gate just blew up right into Trump’s soft spot: Bribery.

A president cannot bribe or accept bribes. He cannot order others to do so on his behalf.

Yes, that’s right. In addition to the constitutional standard that lists bribery as a cause for impeachment, President Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower problem just got a lot worse.


DOJ Wants Two Years To Identify Children Trump Kidnapped

Donald Trump’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is asking for two years to identify several thousand migrant children who were stolen from their parents at the Mexican border under Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy. The Associated Press reported that the Trump administration has set forth their proposed timeline in a new court filing. Trump’s people are…


U.S. sues to stop AT&T buying Time Warner, says would hike rates for rivals and subscribers.

The deal has been a political lightning rod since it was hatched in October 2016. During his campaign, Trump said that reporters covered him unfairly and has continued to attack CNN as president, which he has labeled as “fake news.” He has not commented on the AT&T deal since his inauguration in January.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions declined to say last week if anyone from the White House had discussed the merger with any Justice Department officials.


Glenn Beck Praises God for the Existence of Fox News

Glenn Beck opened his Fox News program tonight by diving straight into the echo chamber of propaganda by praising Fox News for covering their own manufactured story about the DOJ and the New Black Panthers. Beck even went as far as to thank God for the existence of Fox News, “No one in the media seems to care a lot, thank God that there’s Fox.”

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