Largest LGBT Organization In America Endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton For President

Clinton has made protecting and expanding LGBT rights a pillar of her campaign, and she says she will end gay…

6 years ago

John Boehner Is Trying to Emulate Vladimir Putin’s Assault on Homosexuals

John Boehner is doing his best to help the anti-gay movement increase their power in America and learn how to…

8 years ago

Republicans Propose Legislation That Would Allow Discrimination Against Same Sex Couples

A group of House Republicans have announced their intent to propose legislation to give conservatives groups legal cover to continue…

8 years ago

Republicans Stand Opposed To Equal Rights Even After SCOTUS Decisions

The rulings have absolutely no effect on any American who is not gay, and still, those unaffected ideologues are screaming…

8 years ago

Contrary to Warnings From The Right The Sky Hasn’t Fallen After DOMA & Prop 8 Decisions

Contrary to the fear mongering by the religious right, the sky didn't fall, and there aren't any divine storm clouds…

8 years ago

DOMA Is Dead: Supreme Court Rules Law Interfered With The Dignity of Same Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court has overturned the Defense of Marriage Act today, and in strong language declared that the law interfered…

8 years ago

States’ Rights Bites the GOP In the Ass With DOMA’s Bad Day In Court

DOMA's day in court went from bad to worse, when the GOP's favorite argument: states' rights came back to bite…

9 years ago

SCOTUS Must Decide if the Bible Supersedes The Constitution’s Guarantee of Equal Rights

Justices must acknowledge the prohibition on same-sex marriage, and homosexuality in general, has no other foundational basis than it is…

9 years ago

John Boehner Secretly Forces Taxpayers to Spend Millions of Dollars Defending DOMA

John Boehner has skimmed $742,000 in House funds to defend DOMA, but his cap on the defense fund is actually…

9 years ago

Rob Portman Continued Casting Anti-Gay Votes Long After His Son Came Out

No one denies that Portman loves his son, but the senator continued casting anti-gay votes long after his son revealed…

9 years ago

The Right Tries and Fails to turn Marriage Into a Religious Institution

Whether bible-loving opponents of same-sex marriage like it or not, marriage is not a religious institution.

9 years ago

Chick-Fil-A Gets Fileted

Things have gotten so bad for Chick-fil-A and the right that Republicans are calling upon their conservative LGBTQ members in…

9 years ago

A Win For Equal Marriage: New York Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional

Score one for equality, today a New York court ruled that DOMA unconstitutionally discriminates against married same-sex couples.

9 years ago

The Legal Walls Are Closing In on DOMA Bigots

Advocates for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) took a hit today, when the First District Court ruled that section…

9 years ago

Look Out First Amendment – Theocracy Inbound

Theocracy is coming to with a GOP win in 2012: they have made their position clear enough and it becomes…

9 years ago

Republicans Serve the Bible Not the Constitution on Gay Marriage

The opposition to gay marriage is based solely in religious dogmata, and by legislating against same-sex marriage, Republicans are sanctioning…

9 years ago

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