Opinion: Trump Gives Churches Free Rein To Campaign For Profit

Opinion: Trump Gives Churches Free Rein To Campaign For Profit

Greedy evangelicals expected much more in remuneration for their electoral support for Trump’s candidacy than freedom to violate IRS rules…

7 years ago

Opinion: Montana Bill Charges Abortion Doctors With Homicide

This is the right of a woman and her doctor.These decisions should be made between the two of them with…

7 years ago

Jeff Sessions Believes the First Amendment Separation Clause Is Unconstitutional

Jefferson stating separation of church and state is contained within the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment is "unhistorical" according…

7 years ago

56-Million Voters Handed the Kochs and Religious Right Control Over America

Instead of a White House firewall to stop the Koch GOP Congress' disasters, the Kochs and evangelicals have a fascist…

7 years ago

Trump Helped Fracture The Religious Right – Not Break It

The fault lines among evangelicals that the election of 2016 has exposed are likely to reshape national politics for years…

7 years ago

American Taxpayers Fund the Largest Christian College In America and the World

Using taxpayer-funded federal aid is a critical part of Liberty University's business model to create a "uniquely Republican" education program

9 years ago

GOP ReBiblicans Swept Congressional Races Virtually Unnoticed

This image gives you the dramatic story of ReBiblican wins in 2012 Congressional races.

11 years ago

American Women are Under Assault from Christian Republicans

The past two years should give all Americans pause at what conservative Christians in control of the government would mean…

12 years ago

Ante Up The Crazy From Huckabee to Westboro to Romney VP Talks

There is no end to the insanity that America's brand of religious extremists will go these days.

12 years ago

Thank you, Mr. President! But This is Going to Get Flat Earth Ugly!

In a single moment the President has made history by endorsing same sex marriage and simultaneously became an instant target…

12 years ago

The Bills Don’t Lie: Democrats Are the Real Supporters of Stay at Home Moms

The legislative differences between Republicans and Democrats tell the true story when it comes to supporting stay-at-home moms.

12 years ago

“Three Important Documents” – Air Force Training Requires Chapel Attendance

Here is an example parasitic proselytizing at its worst and in the most dangerous institution of all - our military.

12 years ago

The Religious War On American Liberty Takes Another Disturbing Turn

America's liberty is being eroded by religious and corporate fundamentalists who demand strict adherence to specific dogmata in combination with…

12 years ago

“Purity Pledge” for South Carolina GOP Reeks of Dominionism

Laurens County Republicans of South Carolina are so steeped in Dominionist Tea that they boldly put their extremism in writing…

12 years ago

Apparently President Obama Isn’t the Right (White) Kind Of Christian For The GOP

It is no coincidence that Republicans never questioned George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan's allegiance to the Christian faith despite…

12 years ago

The Tea Party Apocalypse Is Upon Us

There are many potential or would-be leaders for the Tea Party craze - from libertarians to conservatives to Christian dominionists…

14 years ago