Opinion: There’s A Reasonable Explanation For Why Trump’s Approval Numbers Went Up Last Week — And It’s Nothing To Fret About

Trump admits he would commit a felony to win.

The ineptitude and general inability of President Donald Trump to function properly and appropriately in his role as chief executive were known well-before these past few weeks, but the coronavirus crisis has seemed to highlight what we’ve already understood for quite some time: if the United States ever faced a real crisis with Trump still in office, it would be a very, very bad thing. read more

Trump’s Approval Rating Drops As Coronavirus Outbreak Worsens

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has taken a hit as the coronavirus continues to take a toll on the United States.

53.1 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump and 42.7 percent approve, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average as of March 10. That’s a noticeable rise from 51 percent disapproval and 44.6 percent approval on February 18, before the coronavirus had worked its way through the country. read more

Trump’s Approval Rating On Immigration Hits All-Time Low

In the past month President Donald Trump’s approval rating on the immigration issue has dropped five points and now sits at just 35% in the latest CNN Poll which came out on Monday.

This poll is the first hard evidence that Trump and the Republican Party may suffer politically from his new zero tolerance immigration policy which includes separating children from parents who are arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border. read more