Trump Is Fighting a Losing Battle and Doesn’t Know He Has Already Lost

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting this morning about Donald Trump’s new strategy for dealing with the many investigations he is facing from federal and state prosecutors, as well as from House Democrats. Apparently the president plans to keep fighting without realizing he has already lost the battle. read more

Why the Manafort Plea Deal Could Bring Down Trump and His Family

Yesterday the news came fast and furious about Paul Manafort’s plea deal, against a backdrop of a major hurricane making landfall in North Carolina.

So much was going on that it was difficult to absorb it all. What does the plea deal mean? How might it affect such people as Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner and even Ivanka Trump? read more

Trump’s Lawyers Are Not Afraid He’ll Lie to Mueller, They’re Afraid He Will Tell the Truth

Donald Trump is between the proverbial rock and a hard place, and his lawyers know it.  

For months now there has been intense speculation and many different opinions given about the topic of whether, when and under what circumstances Donald Trump will be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller. read more