In New Video, Lincoln Project Says GOP Has a Choice Between “Trump or the Truth”

In a new video, the Lincoln Project says the Republican Party has a choice between “Trump or the truth” as the impeachment trial of the former president kicks off today.

The evidence is all there for the world to see,” a voiceover over the conclusion of the video states. “This is not a vote for conscience, it’s a vote for truth. Where do you stand senators, with Trump or the truth?” read more

Biden To Stay Quiet During Trump Impeachment Trial

Joe Biden first super bowl interview

President Joe Biden will not weigh in on former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. He intends to keep his focus on addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, according to White House insiders.

[It] just makes no sense for Biden to weigh in on the impeachment,” said one source close to Biden who spoke to Politico. β€œHe’s already said that he thought [there] were grounds for impeachment but he has to stay focused on helping people in this crisis.” read more