Blame Game: GOP Candidates Panic Due to Trump’s Unpopularity

With about seven weeks until election day on November 6th, Republicans are in full panic mode. Almost every recent poll shows the president’s unpopularity falling to record low levels, while at the same time congressional generic ballots show Republicans facing a bloodbath in the midterms. read more

Trump and Woodward Feud Escalates on Eve of Book Release

One day before the release of a blockbuster book there has been an escalation in the war of words between President Donald Trump and journalist Bob Woodward.

Woodward’s new book “Fear: Trump in the White House“ will be released tomorrow, and already Trump is tweeting about it, trying to lessen the negative impact it is sure to have on him and his presidency. read more

Trump Calls Reports of Child Separations Phony Stories of Sadness and Grief

President Donald Trump on Friday posted one of his most outrageous tweets ever, completely discounting and disregarding the massive amounts of pain and suffering that he has caused for immigrant parents and children. In this tweet he dismissed the many credible media reports about traumatic child separations as “phony stories of sadness and grief.” read more

Donald Trump Just Fell Right Into A Cunning Trap That Was Set By Hillary Clinton

During her acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton warned that anything could set Trump off, including tweets. It was an obvious trap set by the Clinton campaign that Donald Trump fell right into.