Why Police Treated Cliven Bundy Differently Than Michael Brown Is As Clear As Black and White

Contrast law enforcement's overwhelmingly violent military response to peaceful, and unarmed, African Americans protesting the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed African American teenager at the hands of a white Ferguson police officer and one can hardly claim law enforcement does not apply a different standard to armed whites as opposed to unarmed African Americans.

The Media’s Truth-Telling Double Standard is Penalizing Democrats

Democrats are subjected to a different set of standards than Republicans when it comes to their behavior including in political ads.

Double Talk: Mitt Romney Doesn’t Think Being a Mom is Dignified Work for Poor Women

We are told Mitt Romney cares about "moms" because he thinks being a mom is a job. However, in January, Mr Etch A Sketch said poor women needed to "go to work" outside of the home in order to have dignity.