WATCH: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Mocks Trump Prediction as Dow Jones Hits All Time High

Donald Trump threw a number of wild accusations out when he was running against Joe Biden. The 45th president wanted to make one thing clear; a Biden presidency would be bad for Wall St.

Wall St. apparently does not agree. On Wednesday, the same day that Congress based Biden’s stimulus package, the Dow Jones hit an all-time high. During his Wednesday broadcast, Blitzer mocked Trump’s prediction. read more

Markets Crash, Trading Halted At Opening Bell, Despite Trump-Endorsed Fed Cut

Over the past weekend, in an effort to inject a boost to an already fragile economy and stock market, the Federal Reserve dropped interest rates down to zero percent.

It was a demand that President Donald Trump had frequently made of the Fed for several months. In recent weeks, Trump also implied that the move would help stave off more drops in the stock market, as the world grapples with the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. read more