WATCH: Dr. Fauci Rips Into Slanderous and Inflammatory GOP Senator Rand Paul

For months now, Republicans have been making Dr. Anthony Fauci the fall guy for COVID-19. The person responsible for the country’s horrible response, of course, was Donald Trump. But GOP lawmakers are willing to do basically anything to shield the former president from criticism.

Yesterday, though, Fauci had enough of Senator Rand Paul’s grandstanding leading to a viral exchange. Fauci discussed that moment with MSNBC‘s Ari Melber on Wednesday night.

The host asked, “We saw your clash with Senator PaulFor those of us who covered you and listened to you, a major contrast to most of your public speaking. What was so important or concerning to you about that? Do you think people listened to what Dr. Rand Paul or what Tucker Carlson was saying and act on it, they may be increasing their risk of getting COVID or getting hurt.”

Fauci responded:

“You know, I don’t any take great pleasure, Ari, in clashing with the senator. I have a great deal of respect for the institution of the Senate of the United States. But he was completely out of line. He totally distorted reality. And he made some inflammatory and I believe slanderous remarks about lying under oath, which is completely nonsense. I mean, and some of the things he says are so distorted and out of tune with reality, I had to call him on that. I didn’t enjoy it, but I had to do that because he was completely out of line. Totally inappropriate.”

Watch a clip of the exchange below:

A Good Man and a Good Doctor: Fox’s Neil Cavuto Defends Dr. Fauci From Republican Slams [VIDEO]

Dr. Fauci Biden Administration

For a year now, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been appearing at House and Senate hearings concerning COVID. And over that time, the world renowned immunologist has held his tongue as he was attacked by Republican lawmakers.

He finally broke on Tuesday and exploded on Kentucky senator and world class troll Rand Paul. While talking about the incident, Neil Cavuto praised Fauci and said that criticism of him was not constructive.

The Fox host told his audience:

“He has been vilified to the point that you’d think he was Lex Luthor. I don’t know how productive that is. What might have been missed and the source of all of this, I get that. But to make him the target of attacks, I think that a lot of this has to go back to his departure from the former president, Donald Trump at the time. But whatever is behind it, I don’t see it being constructive.”

Cavuto’s guest, Dr. Bob Lahita agreed, noting, “He’s an excellent individual, an excellent doctor. I have known him as a physician for, gee, I guess it’s been about 40 years or more. And so I think it’s unfortunate that we have to attack an individual who has such an important role in our society.”

“At his core,” Cavuto said, “he’s a good man and a good doctor.”

Fauci has obviously been made out to be a scapegoat by Republican lawmakers and personalities looking to protect Donald Trump. It was nice to see him defended for once on Fox News.

“If You’re Attacking Me, You’re Attacking Science” Dr. Fauci Rips Into Marsha Blackburn and Other GOP Lawmakers [VIDEO]

Dr. Fauci Biden Administration

Slowly but surely, the fight against COVID-19 is coming to an end. A fair amount of people in the country are now fully vaccinated and businesses are fully opening.

And now that Donald Trump is now out of office, Republicans are focused on gaslighting the public on his leadership during the pandemic. One of the ways they choose to do so is by attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci appeared on Meet the Press Daily on Tuesday and ripped into some of his critics.

Host Chuck Todd asked the doctor about a recent video posted by Marsha Blackburn. The Tennessee senator claimed, “Dr. Fauci was emailing with Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, trying to create that narrative. Cherrypicking information so that you would only know what they wanted you to know, and there would be a narrative that would fit with this cherrypicked information.”

Fauci responded, “I don’t have a clue of what she’s talking about. … And I’m sorry, I don’t want to be pejorative against a united States senator but I have no idea what she’s talking about. And you know Chuck, if you go through each and every one of the points which are so ridiculous, just painfully ridiculous, if you go through each and every one of them, you can explain and debunk it immediately.”

The doctor continued, “all of the things that I have spoken about consistently from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science. Sometimes those things were inconvenient truths for people, and there was pushback against me. So if you are trying to get at me as a public health official and scientist, you’re really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you are attacking science.”

It is no great surprise that Republicans are going after Fauci to distract from Trump. But lawmakers have found, time and time again, that the doctor is a formidable opponent.

Watch: Alex Jones Ramps up the Crazy, Calls for Fauci and Gates To Be Executed

The United States is finally starting to beat back the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 60% of Americans have received at least one vaccination shot and businesses across the country are starting to reopen.

In the way of that success is anti-vaxxers and the right-wing media members that urge them one. Tucker Carlson has certainly done his part to make his viewers falsely question the safety of vaccines.

Alex Jones, as he is wont to do, has taken it a step father. During a recent episode of InfoWars, he called for Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates to be executed.

The conspiracy theorist began, “I don’t like death, I don’t like killing people, I don’t like starting a fight with these murderers. But they started a fight with us. And I’m just telling you like I said in the first hour, that we don’t want any violence against Fauci or Bill Gates or the New World Order from vigilantes.”

Jones continued:

“We want to take our governments and our countries back and we want to have them indicted with all the evidence, and we want to see them up on Nuremberg 2. And that’s what last weekend, I had — the weekend before last I had on Dr. Francis Boyle on, and he laid it all out as well, that the punishment for what they have done is death. And so I don’t say that to be dramatic. I don’t say that to stick my head in the mouth of a lion — these guys are hyenas, but still, they can bite. I do it because I will not be a coward.”

Fauci, of course, has been a calm and trusted voice during the pandemic. And Gates, in a number of ways, helped to make the vaccines possible. Victimizing the two men shows just how out of touch Carlson and Jones truly are.

Trump Releases a Ridiculous Statement Slamming Birx and Fauci

The COVID-19 pandemic has now been raging in the United States for more than a year. For most of that year, Donald Trump attempted to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic and give terrible advice to his supporters.

On Sunday night, CNN aired a town hall with many of the Doctors who had advised Trump. And according to Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, Trump’s behavior was even worse behind the scenes. On Monday, an enraged Trump released a statement blasting the two Doctors.

Trump’s statement began, “Based on their interviews, I felt it was time to speak up about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, two self-promoters trying to reinvent history to cover for their bad instincts and faulty recommendations, which I fortunately almost always overturned. They had bad policy decisions that would have left our country open to China and others, closed to reopening our economy, and years away from an approved vaccine—putting millions of lives at risk.”

The former President then zeroed in on Birx. He continued, “Dr. Birx is a proven liar with very little credibility left. The States who followed her lead, like California, had worse outcomes on Covid, and ruined the lives of countless children because they couldn’t go to school, ruined many businesses, and an untold number of Americans who were killed by the lockdowns themselves.”

The small and petty Trump then ripped into Fauci, writing, “Dr. Fauci is the king of flip-flops and moving the goalposts to make himself look as good as possible. He fought me so hard because he wanted to keep our country open to countries like China.”

Read the full statement here:

Bill Gates Responds to Fox News Lies About the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an all hands on deck response from many business owners. Among the most prominent CEO’s looking to help was Bill Gates.

Thanks to the Conservative push to minimize the effect of the pandemic, Gates became a frequent target for Fox News. Gates appeared on Ari Melber‘s MSNBC show on Wednesday and responded to the frequent criticism.

Melber first played a video of Laura Ingraham mocking Gates’ push for contact tracing. When asked for his thoughts, Gates said, “Contact tracing was incredibly beneficial in places like South KoreaWe have had hundreds of thousands of people alive today in the U.S. If we had done that. The data, you don’t have to give up your personal data. That’s not a fair way of describing it. Some societies really chose to make that work.”

The billionaire later talked about the criticism levied against both him and Dr. Anthony Fauci. He told Melber:

Yeah, so, both myself and Dr. Fauci have featured in conspiracy theories. One says that Dr. Fauci is trying to make money off of these vaccines and various negative things about me. You know, there, you’re encouraging people not to trust the advice on masks or taking the vaccine. And that could be damaging. It’s a new phenomenon. I don’t know, will it hurt the vaccine uptake, where everyone who takes the vaccine is not just protecting themselves, but reducing their transmission to other people, and allowing society to get back to normal. It’s a completely unexpected phenomenon, and sadly, a lot of it is based on false information.”

Fauci Says Trump Hasn’t Attended COVID Meeting in Several Months

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke, Donald Trump actually made a couple of smart moves. He created a task force and assigned renowned immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci to be a part of that task force.

The president, however, has ignored much of the advice Fauci has given him. He’s also basically demoted the immunologist and Dr. Deborah Birx and elevated Scott Atlas, who has no experience combating a pandemic.

And according to Dr. Fauci, the president doesn’t even bother to show up to the task force meetings anymore. The doctor says that Trump hasn’t attended one for “several months.”

Fauci made the comments while speaking with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. He told the host, “That was several months ago, Chuck. Several months ago [since Trump has attended a meeting].”

The doctor continued, “I definitely don’t have his ear as much as Scott Atlas right now.”

Fauci did say that Vice President Mike Pence, who was named the head of the task force, does show up to the meetings.

We certainly interact with the vice president at the task force meetings, and the vice president makes our feelings and what we talk about there known to the President,” he said. “But direct involvement with the President in the discussions…I have not done that in a while.”

Watch a clip of the interview below courtesy of MSNBC:

WATCH: CNN’s Berman Says Trump is Committing Political Suicide

Donald Trump has entered the very end stages of his 2020 campaign. And the numbers don’t look good. It is incredibly important for the Republican to reach outside to voters who are outside of his base.

Instead, Trump has leaned into his base, desperate for adoration. He has been making comments that are likely to hurt his standing with women and independent voters. According to CNN’s John Berman, it is as if the president is committing “political suicide.”

The CNN host was particularly focused on Trump’s relentless attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci. On Monday afternoon, the president tweeted, “Tony should stop wearing the Washington Nationals’ Mask for two reasons. Number one, it is not up to the high standards that he should be exposing. Number two, it keeps reminding me that Tony threw out perhaps the worst first pitch in the history of Baseball!”

Berman responded to Trump’s COVID denial, “You have a pandemic where thousands and thousands of Americans have died and cases are rising. And the president’s image is, instead of fighting that reality, enforce it when he’s speaking at large rallies with unmasked people, when he’s staging these super-spreader events, and when he’s attacking governors who are trying to battle the pandemic.”

The CNN host concluded, “We call it a strategy, other people have referred to it as political suicide. I’m not sure it is a strategy — maybe closer to political suicide.”

Watch a clip of Berman’s comments below, courtesy of CNN:


Trump Blows A Gasket And Attacks Dr. Fauci In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Trump is attacking and trying to discredit the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, in the middle of a pandemic.

Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump is in the midst of a presidential campaign that he appears to be losing badly. The coronavirus pandemic is surging once again, and his party could be on the cusp of a landslide defeat, so what is the president doing? He is fighting with the one person in America who he should be listening to with rapt attention.

Trump is acknowledging on some level that he can’t beat Joe Biden. He has no policy or ideas about getting the pandemic under control, so he is trying to discredit the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

The Fauci is always wrong attack is funny coming from a guy whose views on the pandemic are so dangerous and inaccurate that he gave himself, the White House, and leadership in his party the coronavirus.

Donald Trump isn’t interested in fighting the pandemic. He only wants to attack those who see the problem as real in a bid to con America into thinking that everything is fine.

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Dr. Fauci Says Now Is the Worst Time for Trump To Be Holding Rallies

This has been a wild couple of weeks when it comes to the Coronavirus. While his advisors wanted to change the subject to anything but COVID-19, Donald Trump put it front and center by contracting the virus.

And the president has continued to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic. Despite cases being on the rise in multiple US states, Donald Trump is now ready to resume holding rallies. Dr. Anthony Fauci says that this is the worst time for him to be doing so.

The top immunologist made the comments while appearing on CNN. He was asked by host Jake Tapper if the Trump campaign was asking for trouble by holding rallies.

We know that is asking for trouble when you do that,” he responded. “We’ve seen that when you have situations of congregate settings where there are a lot of people without masks, the data speak for themselves. And now is even more so a worse time to do that.”

Dr. Fauci continued:

“It’s going in the wrong direction right now, so if there’s anything we should be doing, we should be doubling down in implementing the public health measures that we’ve been talking about for so long, which are keeping a distance, no crowds wearing masks, washing hands doing things outside as opposed to inside, in order to get those numbers down.”

The president will be holding his first rally since contracting COVID-19 tonight in Sanford, Florida.



Dr. Fauci Says Trump Used His Image Without Permission In Ad

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that a Trump campaign ad twisted his words and used his image without his permission.

CNN reported on Fauci’s reaction to the Trump ad:

Dr. Anthony Fauci did not consent to being featured in a new advertisement from the Trump campaign touting President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert told CNN his words were taken out of context.

“In my nearly five decades of public service, I have never publicly endorsed any political candidate. The comments attributed to me without my permission in the GOP campaign ad were taken out of context from a broad statement I made months ago about the efforts of federal public health officials,” Fauci said in a statement provided exclusively to CNN when asked if he agreed to be featured in the ad.

Dr. Fauci is a non-partisan public servant who has worked with both Democratic and Republican administrations for decades. Fauci is not one of Trump’s political hacks who can be thrown into an ad to try to give the President a whiff of credibility.

Trump’s reelection campaign ads have a consistent tendency to edit videos or quotes to mislead voters. Trump can’t run on his record of pandemic, economic collapse, and general failure, so his campaign has resorted to using Fox News-style editing to paint a picture of a presidency that does not exist.
There are no boundaries with Trump will lie and mislead in every possible way in his effort to win. The fact that he is twisted the words of Dr. Fauci, as he ignores his advice on the pandemic, speaks volumes about the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

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Fauci Responds to Rand Paul’s Belief on Herd Immunity: “I Think You’re Alone in That”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top expert on infectious diseases, responded Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who claimed COVID-19 cases are rising in New York because of herd immunity, during a hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Paul had asked Fauci if he had changed his mind about the effectiveness of lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus. Paul has criticized lockdown measures in the past, arguing that they deal unnecessary and detrimental blows to the national economy.

“It’s important that we the people not simply acquiesce to authoritarian mandates on our behavior without first making the Nanny State prove their hypothesis,” Paul said. “What we do know is that New York and New Jersey and Connecticut and Rhode Island still allowed the highest death rates in the world.” 

“You’ve misconstrued that Senator and you’ve done that repetitively in the past. They got hit very badly and they made some mistakes,” adding that New Yorkers are now “looking at the guidelines” developed by the White House Coronavirus Task Force to stop the spread.

Fauci struck down Paul’s further claim that New Yorkers have developed herd immunity to the coronavirus.

“I challenge that, Senator,” he said. “You are not listening to what the director of the CDC said, that in New York [the infection rate is] about 22 percent. If you believe 22 percent is herd immunity, I believe you’re alone in that.”

You can watch the exchange below.

“He Triggers Crazies” Dr. Fauci Rips Into Tucker Carlson

Dr. Anthony Fauci has spent his entire medical career helping people survive. Whether he was fighting the AIDS virus or Ebola, the renowned immunologist did his job in a completely apolitical manner.

Donald Trump, however, has politicized the COVID-19 pandemic. And in turn, the surrogates of the President have seen fit to attack Fauci. Among the most relentless of these attackers is Tucker Carlson.

The Doctor was asked about the Fox News host during a recent interview with the Washington Post. According to Fauci, Carlson triggers the crazies.

Writer Geoff Edgars asked, “I flip around the channels at night, which I probably shouldn’t. And I found this guy — you know this guy, Tucker Carlson? You heard of him?”

He’s the guy that really loves me, right?” replied Fauci. 

Edgars then asked, “Does that get under our skin? Does it bother you? On a humane level, do you feel threatened or concerned when you see that kind of thing floating out there?”

The Doctor answered, “I’m not concerned about what he says. It’s a little bit — I think you could say that when he does that, it triggers some of the crazies in society to start threatening me, actually threatening, which actually happens.”

Fauci has had his fair share of issues with supporters of the President. These issues have included death threats against him and his family. The Doctor said of the situation:

“I wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that people who object to things that are pure public health principles are so set against it, and don’t like what you and I say, namely in the word of science, that they actually threaten you. I mean, that to me is just strange.”

Dr. Fauci Takes on “Anti-Science” Bias Amid Warnings About Increased Coronavirus Infection Rates


During an interview with the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) podcast “Learning Curve,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said “anti-science” bias is to blame for much of the novel coronavirus’s impact on the United States.

“One of the problems we face in the United States is that unfortunately, there is a combination of an anti-science bias that people are — for reasons that sometimes are, you know, inconceivable and not understandable — they just don’t believe science and they don’t believe authority,” Fauci said.

He added: “So when they see someone up in the White House, which has an air of authority to it, who’s talking about science, that there are some people who just don’t believe that — and that’s unfortunate because, you know, science is truth.”

The virus has claimed the lives of nearly 121,000 Americans to date, but that hasn’t stopped many, egged on by President Donald Trump, from declaring it a “hoax.”

“It’s amazing sometimes the denial there is. It’s the same thing that gets people who are anti-vaxxers, who don’t want people to get vaccinated, even though the data clearly indicate the safety of vaccines,” Fauci said. “That’s really a problem.”

Dr. Fauci noted that he is “cautiously optimistic” about an eventual vaccine.

“What happens is that in the standard way of developing a vaccine, you don’t jump to invest in the next step until you’re pretty sure that the step you’re in is working,” he said. “Given the fact that we needed to do this as quickly as possible without sacrificing safety or scientific integrity, the federal government partnered with multiple of these companies and said, ‘Guess what, we’re going to move fast and we’re going to assume we’re going to be successful. And if we are, we’ve saved several months. And if we’re not, the only thing we’ve lost is money. But better lose money than lose lives by delaying the vaccine.’ So, right now, the initial data from the study showed that. It makes me cautiously optimistic that we can induce a response that would be protective.”

Dr. Fauci’s remarks come just after he advised Americans not to attend Trump’s scheduled rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend, citing coronavirus concerns.

“I’m in a high-risk category. Personally, I would not. Of course not,” Dr. Fauci, who is 79, said.

The rally also goes against the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which notes that “Large in-person gatherings where it is difficult for individuals to remain spaced at least 6 feet apart and attendees travel from outside the local area” pose the highest risk for transmitting infections.

Fauci Vows To Oppose Any Trump Virus Vaccine October Surprise

Dr. Anthony Fauci guaranteed that he would oppose any effort by the Trump administration to rush a coronavirus vaccine for an October surprise.

McClatchy reported:

President Donald Trump has pushed the Department of Health and Human Services to expedite its work on a vaccine, already set against the unprecedented timetable of achieving one by the end of the year, so that the public can glimpse an end to the pandemic ahead of the November presidential vote.

“Take that to the bank,” Fauci said when asked by McClatchy whether he would oppose any administration effort to announce a vaccine by November if it is not ready. “There is no chance in the world that I’m going to be forced into agreeing to something that I don’t think is safe and scientifically sound. I’ll guarantee you that.”

Trump is already trying to rush a vaccine on to the market as he seems to think that a vaccine will magically undo all of the damage that has been caused to the economy and that he will get full credit for the vaccine.

No one should be fooled by the happy talk coming from Trump and Pence. There is no vaccine yet. Science doesn’t bend to the whims of presidential election-year politics. Dr. Fauci’s comments should be heartening to the American people because they show that not every area of the federal government has been corrupted by Trump’s politicization.

There are still people in public service who care about protecting the American people.

Dr. Fauci is one of them, and he is not going to let Donald Trump fake his way to a coronavirus vaccine.

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