Dr Oz

Dr. Oz Failed So Massively In The Senate Race That He Can’t Get His TV Show Back

Dr. Oz is reportedly desperate to return to daytime television, but his US Senate campaign in Pennsylvania was such a…

2 months ago

Trump Is Furious And Blaming Melania Trump For Telling Him To Support Oz

Trump is furious over Mehmet Oz's loss to John Fetterman in the PA Senate race and he is blaming his…

3 months ago

Dr. Oz Election Night Party To Be Hosted By 1/6 Insurrectionist

Dr. Oz is showing his true colors as the Pennsylvania US Senate campaign ends, as his election night party will…

3 months ago

Oz Made An Epic Pittsburgh Steelers Gaffe During Trump PA Rally

Oz told the crowd to talk to ten of their friends before the Steelers game on Sunday, but there is…

3 months ago

Joe Biden Destroys Dr. Oz In Less Than A Minute

At the rally for Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman in Philadelphia, President Biden took out Dr. Oz and delivered a…

3 months ago

The Day Before Trump Arrives In Pennsylvania Oz And Mastriano Are At Each Other’s Throats

The top of the ballot in Pennsylvania are fighting with each other as Dr. Oz and Doug Mastriano are set…

3 months ago

Oz Begged Oprah Winfrey To Stay Out Of The Senate Race, So She Endorsed John Fetterman

At a virtual get-out-the-vote event, Oprah Winfrey shook up the PA US Senate race by endorsing John Fetterman for Senate.

3 months ago

Republicans Are On The Ropes As John Fetterman Leads In 2 New PA US Senate Polls

Two new polls of the US Senate race in Pennsylvania show Lt. Gov. John Fetterman leading Dr. Oz.

3 months ago

New York Times Frames Polls Showing Democrats Leading 3 of 4 Senate Races As Bad News For Democrats

A new series of New York Times/Sienna College polls showing Democrats leading in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and tied in Nevada…

3 months ago

Debate Backfires On Dr. Oz As John Fetterman Raises More Than $2 Million In Less Than 24 Hours

Dr. Oz begged for the debate with John Fetterman, but it backfired on him and caused Fetterman to raise more…

3 months ago

John Fetterman Passes The Pennsylvania Debate Test As Oz Changes His Positions

Lt. Gov. Fetterman had some early issues with his speech, but as the debate went on, he got stronger, while…

3 months ago

Pre-Debate Bombshell: Independent PA Senate Candidate Everett Stern Drops Out And Endorses John Fetterman

Independent Pennsylvania Senate candidate Everett Stern (R), who was polling at 3% has dropped out and endorsed Democrat John Fetterman.

3 months ago

Fetterman Warns That Oz And Trump Are Trying To Steal PA US Senate Seat

The Fetterman campaign is warning that Dr. Oz and Donald Trump are planning to defy the will of voters and…

3 months ago

Trump Plans To Sue If John Fetterman Wins In Pennsylvania

Donald Trump is planning on getting involved and legally challenging the results of the Pennsylvania Senate race if Democrat John…

3 months ago

Dr. Oz Caught On Video Calling For Higher Food Prices

Dr. Oz was caught on video suggesting that food should be unsubsidized so that prices are higher and people eat…

4 months ago

Dr. Oz Draws A Dozen People As Thousands Come Out For John Fetterman In Pennsylvania

John Fetterman drew a crowd of 1,203 people in Bucks County, PA, and Dr. Oz drew a dozen people for…

4 months ago

John Fetterman To Fly Banners Along South New Jersey Shore Welcoming Oz Home

John Fetterman's campaign has a New Jersey homecoming prepared for their Senate opponent Mehmet Oz that includes banners welcoming the…

7 months ago

Dr. Oz Holds Pro-Gun Rally With Ted Nugent Less Than 24 Hours After Buffalo Mass Shooting

In what appears to be a desperate move in the Pennsylvania Senate Republican primary, Dr. Oz is holding a pro-gun…

9 months ago

Trump’s Endorsement May Make John Fetterman A Senator As Dr. Oz Leads PA GOP Senate Primary

A new Fox News poll of the Pennsylvania Senate Republican primary shows that Trump's endorsement has put Dr. Oz in…

9 months ago

Mike Pompeo to Hold Press Conference: Has ‘National Security Concerns’ About Trump-Endorsed ‘Dr. Oz’

Mike Pompeo announced that he will hold a press conference in which Pompeo will reveal national security concerns he has…

9 months ago

Biden Boots Dr. Oz And Herschel Walker Off Of President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition

President Biden has booted Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker off of the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition because…

10 months ago

Trump Is Hinting At Meddling And Handing The Pennsylvania Senate Seat To Democrats By Supporting Dr. Oz

Trump recently asked a crowd if they like GOP PA Senate candidate Dr, Oz, whose nomination would hand the seat…

10 months ago

Dr. Oz Goes on Fox to Defend Trump’s Decision to Leave Walter Reed

Dr. Mehment Oz, often criticized for promoting alternative medicine and pseudoscience, appeared on "Fox and Friends" to defend President Donald…

2 years ago

Dr. Oz: Reopening Schools “May Only Cost Us Two to Three Percent in Terms of Total Mortality”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who President Donald Trump has turned to for advice on the novel coronavirus, said in an interview…

3 years ago

Rachel Maddow Destroys the ‘Bizarre Spectacle’ of Donald Trump’s Health Con Job

"A lot of people have now convinced themselves that he has made some new disclosure about his health...It's a con,…

6 years ago

Fox News Praises Trump For Showing Up for Meaningless Dr. Oz Interview

"Trump's cholesterol was once high but now he has no health issues. Per the authority of an audience member at…

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton Crushes Trump’s Dr. Oz Stunt By Releasing Detailed Medical Info

Donald Trump tried to skate by the questions about his health by a staging an information free publicity stunt. Hillary…

6 years ago

Trump Shoots Himself In The Foot As Physical Revealed To Be A Total Sham

Donald Trump has created a whole new scandal for himself as his "physical" was nothing more than a one-page review…

6 years ago

Like the Reality TV Personality He Is, Trump Will Release His Medical Reports on Dr Oz

Donald Trump is trying to use Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia caused overheating against her by declaring that “health” is an issue.…

6 years ago